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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another MilBlog Silenced

Red2Aplha of This is Your War seems to be bowing under official pressure to close down his fine blog, at least for the duration of his deployment to the sharp end.

I am nothing special, I'm not unique. You pass people like me everyday on the streets of your cities and towns, sometimes they are so close you can't even see them - and sadly enough normally you wouldn't even speak to them. But we are all around you, we always will be too. Past, present, and future. Some of them are reading these words right now. We protect you while you sleep.

Don't ever forget that.

Check back in sometime in November or December.

Cactus Steel Challenge

Every month with a fifth Sunday, the Cactus League hosts a "Special Match." For May, they held a Steel Challenge match, four stages of steel targets to rank shooters, then a head-to-head shootout to determine who brings home the match trophy. I was eliminated in the first bracket (lost both heats in the best two-out-of-three format), but Jon advanced to the third bracket before losing to a space-gunner. The match winner was, naturally, a Master-class Open gunner, but even we sloppy slowpokes had fun. The heat stayed below 100 degrees and a nice breeze kept us all comfortable.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Post

I don't wish "Happy Memorial Day" on this day, though I wish you happiness for most of it. For the remaining few moments, reflect on the real meaning of this day and memorialize those fallen in service to this nation in your own individual or collective way. Then, enjoy the day made free by those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Countertop hosts the Carnival of Cordite on this day.

Other great Memorial Day posts at (use my blogroll at the right):

Mudville Gazette (too many to link individually)
Castle Argghhh
Nation of Riflemen
Froggy Ruminations
Citizen SMASH

Sunday, May 29, 2005

This is Not a Toy

Friday, May 27, 2005

Post Toasties

Since reading Huffington's Toast regularly since its launch, I never felt the urge to read the site it parodies, The Huffington Post. Well, I blundered into it today and was surprised to see that not every contributor is a shrill lefty moonbat railing against the McChimpsterHitlerburton Administration. At least, Danielle Crittendon isn't.

Still, I wouldn’t think this worldview could be quite SO simple as to equate the oppression of women who live under repressive and murderous regimes in the Islamic world with the condition of women in the United States. For HP bloggers and readers who have trouble telling the difference, I’ve prepared the following quiz:

1) Are you allowed to drive a car? Y/N
2) Must you be accompanied at all times in public by a male escort? Y/N
3) If you were to say "what the hell" and drive to the mall by yourself, would you be immediately surrounded by bat-wielding male police officers? Y/N
4) Could you be beaten for saying “what the hell”? Y/N

Go read the rest!

"These Hands are Registered as Deadly Weapons!"

Now they CAN be!

You can Register or Certify your body parts as:
  • Deadly
  • Almost Deadly
  • Non-Lethal
  • Sexy
  • 100% Awesome
  • Smokin'
  • Nibble Worthy
  • Fugly
  • Disgusting
  • Worlds Worst

  • Via Vulture's Row

    Thursday, May 26, 2005

    If Anybody Cares

    I am:
    Apocalypse Now
    An assault rifle
    An F-15 Eagle
    A bear
    a Snarky blogger

    I'm sure I forgot some.

    I'm a bad, bad blogger.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    Countertop is on Fire!

    What do you do when a newspaper decides to publish the names and adresses of all of Florida's Concealed Carry Permit Holders without their consent, exposing them to identity theft, burglary, etc? Countertop, "in the interest of fairplay," decided to post the publisher's home address, phone number, and lots of other personal information! Hey, he's got a nice house! I'll bet he has an expensive alarm system! Or, I hope he does....

    If you have time and a dime, stop by CT's, write down some phone numbers, and ask these clowns personally why they're so hostile to law-abiding citizens?

    Blob's Bachelor Banquet

    Tried something new for dinner tonite; not sure if it's ready for posterity, but here goes:

    one boneless chicken thigh, thawed, diced
    1/2 onion, diced
    1/2 jar sliced mushroom
    some sesame seeds
    some soy sauce
    some garlic powder
    some ginger
    some Mrs. Dash seasoning
    glops of sesame oil
    glops of Log Cabin maple syrup Light

    Stirfry all this on medium heat until all ingredients are cooked. Serve over rice. Add sriracha sauce to taste.

    Monday, May 23, 2005

    BoG Unveiled

    Ed Cameron is an excellent gunsmith and a great friend. He was willing to take half a gun monkied with by yours truly and a box of parts and turn it into a real gun. I understand the aggravation he endured to make it so and he's got a customer for life now. No more Boxes o' Gun for him, though. Sorry to ruin it for everybody else.

    It's a Springfield slide on an Essex frame. The sights are Bo-Mar. The barrel is Nowlin and the grips are coco bolo. The trigger is adjustable and light. The thumb safety is ambidextrous (my brother is a lefty; I'll will this to him).

    Ed applied the satin finish to the gun was ugly bare metal as bought. It's a thing of beauty; I only wish I could take pictures well enough to do it justice (see Anarchangel's examples).

    BoG's fraternal twin (bought from the same store the same day I picked up the frame) is a Colt Series 80 Mark IV "Enhanced." NotBoG will be added to Ed's backlog later in the year after I've broken in BoG and have some cash saved up. I'm thinking Novak sights would be an improvement. What do you all think?

    Sunday, May 22, 2005

    Just Had a Nap

    I don't feel any pain from the sunburn yet. but it's started to itch.

    Mister Spontaneous

    And I don't mean spontaneous combustion from the heat, although some AZ Gunbloggers might disagree). At 0630 this morning, I decided "I'm going to that practice 3-Gun match in Phoenix this morning! And I'm gonna shoot guns I dirtied yesterday and my Box o' Gun!" It's a good thing I brought my other single-stack, because Frankenstein is not ready to mingle with the villagers just yet. This gun is tight! I need to put hundreds of rounds through this baby before it's ready for a match. Woohoo! A better excuse to practice! BoG will be blogfodder later, after I clean it for pictures.

    There were almost two a dozen other folks who were daft enough to dare the 110-degree heat, though most were smart enough to arrive early and shoot quickly. Wimps. I signed up for Limited 10, Carbine, Riotgun, and 3-Gun. I'd later regret such ambition. In my rush to load the truck, I grabbed a different range bag; my regular one is still full of revo moon clips and stuff...stuff like my kneepads! (got a boo-boo on my knee now), sunscreen! (the tops of my forearms are nicely burned), and nomex gloves! (black semiautos sitting in the Arizona sun tend to heat up, even before you shoot them as fast as you can). Most of us pounded a bottle of water per stage. I paired up with one of Cactus' several Grand Master shooters who came in as late as I did. At least he signed up for the whole quadrifecta too, so we could run each other. The downside to this was my slowness and gunly suckiness are magnified when I'm following a guy who zips through the stages like a space age ninja on speed (he drives jet dragsters too). What can I learn from him? He's practicing! Hey, so am I! Now that I think of it, besides the club officers, the only guys I recognized today I knew to be Master or Grand Master luminaries. Must be something to this practice stuff.

    I can't wait until it sinks in...I sucked!

    Update: Man, Cactus needs to settle some issues in their recordkeeping...or maybe somebody filled in the wrong info (I know my shooting partner caught me screwing up some score cards in my heat-addled state). Still, I know I was the worst carbine shooter (oh, the suits galore!) I was NOT the worst C-10 Limited shooter, despite the fact that I blew off one of four stages. Colt Series 80 did some serious schwacking--lotsa A-zones, which are the only things that affect time-based score, minus penalties. I was not the worst of four in riotgun, but placed third...I was lucky to end with NO birdshot ammo left in my wagon...lotsa unexpected misses. Carbine, usually my only point of pride, was my downfall. After I dig around for the appropriate hex wrenches, I'll have a T-Dot scope on the SOCOM-16 for the next match (non-monthly probably, since I still view this black gun as experimental).

    Still, it appears they, due to limitation in their software, posted the 3-Gun category results as "Grand Master Revolver" results, which would be cool if I weren't lowly C-Class wheelgun journeyman. I'm just leery that some one will find this and surmise that I'm a great shooter. Unless, of course, they're planning on burglarizing my house. In that case, I'm a Grand Master Jedi Hand Cannon Angel of Death and Harbinger of Soul Damnation...hope this helps.

    Saturday, May 21, 2005

    Tucson GunBloggers Rock! And Roll!

    Met up with Kevin at the TRC range office and headed out to the Department of Public Safety range. We were both packing single-stack .45s and brought a major and minor caliber battle rifle each. I decided against bench firing the M1A and just zeroed it from the prone position. The Chinese Norinco and Argentinian surplus ammo performed about the same, but the cheap-o magazines from Sportsmens Guide sucked deeply. Only one would function throughout a magazineful of ammo. Buy Real Mil-Spec!

    Our ARs definitely reflected our different shooting backgrounds...his Bushmaster was scoped and bipod-clad and shot heavy handloaded bullets. I had just added a Reflex optic to my own HBAR (and didn't get the zero quite right) and shot 62 grain Wolf ammo (because my Bushie Shorty doesn't like it). He got great groups and rang the steel with regularity while I shot faster and was happy to score in the black.

    Check out the beautiful wood on his CMP Garand! It didn't come that way, Kevin said.

    Also check out the canteen...can you see the ferret teeth marks on the collapsible canteen? I didn't this morning (I filled it with the cover on and soaked the cover for cooling). Didn't discover it until I was unloading wet guncases! Little rat bastards!

    I didn't shoot .45 much because I was starting to get dehydrated from unconsciously rationing my water. Kevin seemed disgusted with his malfunctions (although it shot great when it fired). He should get into IPSC once he gets it tuned right; he can really shoot!

    Finally, the guns for fun. Kevin showed off his beautiful tricked out Ruger 10/22. He had his own magazine problems, it seemed. :(

    I peeled the storage wrapping from four 25-round Uzi mags with some apprehension. My subgun had been balky since I bought it, but I didn't know if it was ammo or the magazines that came with it. It seemed to like Wolf ammo best (good! It's cheap!), so I loaded up a new magazine and held my breath. Rat-a-tat! It worked! In four mags, we had two first-time duds, but no jams as with the other mags. Hmmm...I might have to do Subgun at Cactus again!

    Kevin seemed to enjoy doing some rock'n'roll himself. After we diligently policed up a ton of brass (and steel) and put away the target stands, we ended the day with a handshake and a promise to try this again some day.


    Change of plan for tomorrow! My shooting buddy can't make it to the PHX shoot, so I decided not to make the trip...I'll be up there next week anyway. Instead, I'll join The Smallest Minority's Kevin Baker at the Tucson Rifle Club for some gunly goodness. Kevin and I are polar opposites, blogger-wise. He can fisk an article with incisive intelligence and rail intelligently for paragraphs on end against the hoplophobes in the media. On the other hand, I get nervous when my text starts to scroll out of the Blogger window. Must be my technical writing background. Or my lack of writing talent. I'm more of a photoblogger...mainly because I'm lazy and will take a free 1000 words wherever I can get them.

    As for Bloggershoots, if you're a blogger (or even just a reader) in the Tucson or Phoenix area and want to burn some cordite with me, drop me a line. I'm a First Sunday monthly shooter at Ben Avery and I might end up shooting at the TRC at lot more often...I think they have a 3-Gun match tomorrow evening. Hmmmm. As for other kinds of bloggermeets, I'm not the most outgoing person you'll ever see; in fact, I'm kinda neurotic about crowds and dropping myself into foreign situations.'s kept me single for this long.

    Friday, May 20, 2005

    Now THAT'S Photoblogging!

    Chad at Pass the Ammo was witness to an altercation between a nut with a gun and his Dad, who might mave had more backbone than what is good for him. Stay tuned while the cops and lawyers sort it out.

    By the way,
    Carnival of Cordite #14
    is up at Les Jones' blog.

    Tardy IPSC Blogging

    Well, I'd be more timely if the club would post their results sooner than 20 days after the match....

    In honor of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I scored 42 out of 46 handgunners, but there were no wheelgunners with whom to compare myself. I ended the day happy with my performance; no major problems, all clean runs. I didn't even need to see the video Jon took to know I'm pretty slow, though.

    Jon squeaked ahead of me in the middle of the pack in Rifle...gotta wonder how well he'd have done if he didn't have the obsession with his great big honkin' Springfield M1A. It's a crime that rifle targets required three hits each, even for major caliber. Well, there's only one rifle stage, so we might as well do some extra shootin'.

    I was further behind in riotgun, 5th out of seven shooters. Jon placed third with a pump 12 gauge. I'd have done better, but I'd engaged my first slug target with birdshot and would probably have had to pay for a steel popper if I hadn't been using a 20 gauge. Oops.

    Tomorrow I pick up my Box o' Gun and will put some rounds through it at the public range. Also need to battlesight the SOCOM and see if my 870 likes Federal instead of the Winchester it choked on last time. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but, hey...that's me.


    Eye candy...ear candy...Alicia Keyes qualifies for both/either. She's got unmistakable vocal talent and a look that transcends the R&B genre or racial barriers (come on "white guys, " can you say you wouldn't want to tap that?). VH-1 Insomniac Theater has finally got past their Green Day hangup and gotten into a more soulful sound. Although I don't care much for Hip-Hop, I've got a major jones for soulful rhthym and blues. Rose Royce, Stevie Wonder, Robert Cray...oh, yeah...that Whitney Houston album. Now they're putting out some real salsa...not Madonna's La Isla Bonita. I could probably be providing more detail, but I'm sipping 50/50 anisette and vodka and life is good...but not that intelligible. Dave Matthews is providing filler and some other band is playing piano in the middle of a deserted gas station. Damn. I still can't track down the name of the band, but Alicia Keyes is on again. Damn, she's fine.


    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    I Almost Like Her Now

    Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano made herself scarce during DNC Howard Dean's visit to the state. That doesn't mean I'll vote for her, but I respect her more now.

    h/t to the Drudge Report

    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    More to the Mess

    A friend dropped by a box of assorted ammo and brass that looks ages old. She only shoots 9-mm, so she thought I might be able to do something with it. some .270 Win., .243 Win., .30-30, about six rounds of .45 ACP, some arrow points, and an SMLE magazine loaded with .303! I'll chuck the corroded stuff and probably give the .30-30 to my brother. The .270 looks good enough to offer up to the match league's annual auction. I'll toss the brass in as a filler.

    Another cardboard box with assorted ammo...just what I need. I apologized for the mess, but she's used to it. She admired my ammo stash. Gave her four boxes of Greek 9-mm to take with her. My brother bought me two cases a couple years ago; my Uzi doesn't like it (doesn't like much of anything). I so need to go plink with some of the nines someday. And try cowboy action shooting. And get the Garand dirty. But I'll probably just play 3-Gun least I'll be mixing in the SOCOM and single-stack .45 for a little variety.

    Thanks, Bullseye!

    I'm not 44 years old today...I'm .44 Special! I'm .44 Magnum! Next year I'll be .45 ACP!

    Here's the Colt Anaconda .44 Magum (check out the Magna-Porting!) that my dear Lil Bro gifted to me!

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    Monday, May 16, 2005

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    Jeez...I turn 44 today. I don't think I've checked snailmail all week; at least that'll guarantee I'll have at least one non-bill piece of mail in my box. I better get motivated...the house is a mess, both vehicles need oil changes, my new SOCOM-16 is still dirty, but not properly sighted in, the backyard has overgrown into a jungle (but the flowers are nice). At least I've been staying ahead of the ferret poop problem. I don't lock them in the cage all day, but the cage-bottom papers are more convenient to them than the litterboxes, so they've been good about keeping on the paper.

    I haven't exercised in a few weeks, I've been very spotty about taking my meds, there is so much that's dysfunctional in my life right now...I need a bossy girlfriend. A TBBBNG (Tall Blond Big-Breasted Norse Goddess) to adjust my attitude, to manage the sticks and carrots, to drag me away from this blasted internet addiction, run me through a Relationship Boot Camp, and make me decide on a college major.

    Here's a nice tangent: TBBBNGs. TBBBNGs are not even my ideal of womanhood, but a concept I hatched after having nothing but Korean girlfriends for a while. TBBBNGs are everything Korean girls aren't (in my own warped sense); I even encountered one once. A tall (taller than me) blond college debate champion scared me to death rubbing my leg under the table. I didn't know how to handle that and froze like a deer in headlights. She lost interest soon enough and went after a Marine. Then I learned how I'd dodged a bullet. The champion Debater made the guy miserable because she couldn't turn it off. Think Monty Python, "Hello, I'd like to have an argument." I'm a pretty quiet guy myself and would probably have had a nervous breakdown keeping up with her. So maybe I don't need a TBBBNG...maybe I just need a nice Korean girl with a rolling pin.

    Saturday, May 14, 2005


    Oh,'s Saturday. &%@&* Benadryl!

    Friday, May 13, 2005

    Carnival of Cordite #13

    The Carnival of Cordite had so many great entries that Gullyborg skipped #12...that and to mark Friday the 13th. Check it out, or cause your mother's gout!

    PS: Gullyborg seems to be under the impression that I've got a lot of money. I don't...because I've got a lot of guns! I've been collecting them for almost 30 years and I can count the number I've sold on one hand. If I had a wife (or a life), I'm sure I'd have to make some room (and some money), but I'm a happy hermit miser for the time being.

    If They Made These for a Mustang

    Thinking Dark Thoughts?

    On this Friday the 13th, why not check out Bunny Suicides? Believe me, this isn't even the funniest one.

    Maybe you'd rather Poke the Penguin? Do so at your own risk.

    I'm Not Worthy

    After seeing a couple of blogs disappear from the scene, I had pruned them out of my blogroll. My apologies! They're back and posting great stuff...and back on my blog roll. That'll teach me not to be so quick next time.

    Live from the Rear is a blog by a lady C-130 fixer.

    Armor Geddon is the Milblog that Neil Prakash will probably turn into a book before all of this is over.

    Visit them both often.

    Going on at the Homestead

    Had another bout of insomnia last night(up till 4-something), but I made up for it with an afternoon nap...but my first attempt at one was interrupted by ferrets slamming around their room. Yeah, I should have been in there supervising, but the Benadryl was telling me otherwise. I never got to slumberland at first because I detected a changed in the weasel racket; I sat up to see the brown figure of Lenny slinking into my room. On my movement, he immediately dashed under the furniture.

    I immediately assumed both ferrets had somehow breached the plexiglas, so I dashed out and closed closet doors and the door leading to the laundry room (and the garage). When I got to the other side of the house, Squiggy was still on the other side of the intact plexiglas barrier. I could only guess that Lenny had launched himself to the top of the barrier from the top of a cardboard box which I'd added today for a plaything. I tossed the box further into the room and observed the ferts; Lenny quickly attacked the bottom corner of the plexiglas, so I'm unsure whether he'd popped it out far enough to slink through or leapt over the top.

    I've been hovering over my Email for most of the day. My .45 is coming back for the gunsmith today, and my buddy Jon was to pick it up after Ed testfired it (the check is "in the mail"). I've no plans to make the trip up to PHX until next weekend, so I pleaded with Jon to snap a pic and send it to me. Folks...this gun was over 10 years in the making, so imagine my excitement! Now Jon tells me that he snapped a picture, but can't get his digital camera to connect with his computer! Can you imagine my frustration?

    Next weekend, I plan to use the Box o' Gun in the match league's 3-Gun practice match. I ought to have a pic of it then and some action photos for you IPSC fans out there. I also hoped to fire the SOCOM 16 "in excitement" for the first time that match.

    Update: In lieu of an immediately-gratifying photograph, I begged Jon for a verbose description of Ed Cameron's handiwork:

    "A piece of art work. The frame and slide are blended into one seamless tight-fitting ergonomic package. The satin steel finish is beautifully offset by the stylish wooden grips. I can't wait to shoot it."

    Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    Lenny and Squiggy say:

    Two paws up!

    Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    Nyuk...Funniest Line at Jerry Stiller's Roast

    I wouldn't f*ck Sandra Bernhardt with Bea Arthur's dick.

    Monday, May 09, 2005

    Posting Up a Storm

    Looks like Kim Junior has more time for blogging and surfing the Internet again.

    Sunday, May 08, 2005


    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    Saturday Furniture

    I had intended to end the Furniture Show yesterday, but since I missed the Carnival, I may as well show you my other Chinese SKS, a Type 56 made at Factory 636 in 1973 (according to's FAQ). My other one is a Factory 206 jobbie made in 1970...the factory numbers mean nothing to Western collectors because the Chinese are very tightlipped about their military production. Unlike my plastic-stocked model, this one has no stamping in English identifying 7.62x39, Made in China by Norinco, or Imported by So-and-so. I'd taken the spike bayonet off years ago and reattached it for this picture. I think I'll leave it on.

    The buttstock features a spring-loaded capsule containing a field-cleaning kit. When I bought it, it came with a canvas chest bandolier made for holding clips of ammo. I have no use for it, but it's hung around with the rifle for 20-odd years, so it might as well look cool in a picture. I'm sure Head could do better, but I'm trying!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Or Happy Oh-Five Oh-Five Oh-Five! In recognition of this meaningless holiday, I started a big pot of chili. I've never used habeneros before, so this will be an adventure in heat...or perhaps pain. Tomorrow will tell...I figure to have a batch for lunch and dinner Saturday.

    Update: Okay, it seems that that slow-cooking my chili recipe kinda takes the teeth out of the ingredients:

    Three packages, Louis Rich turkey sausage
    One very large yellow onion, diced
    Two green peppers (would have been three, but there was a worm in it), diced
    Seven fresh jalapeno peppers, diced
    Three habanero peppers, diced
    Two cans Bush (woohoo!) chili beans (mild sauce)
    Chili powder, WAG (wild-assed guess)
    Red pepper, WAG
    Cumen, WAG
    Garlic powder, WAG
    Black Pepper, WAG

    Cooked on low for at least 6 hours (misplaced the lid to my crockpot so I had to do this on the stovetop).

    To you Texans out there who dispise beans in chili...bite me! No beans there!

    After-Alimentary Report:
    The chili tastes great, provides a slow subtle burn, the origin of which I can't identify. I've tracked down some of the orange bits from the habaneros where there is some minor localized heat. I suspect most of the residual heat comes from the red pepper flakes that don't cook down like the jalapenos. I gotta try this recipe after cooking for only 1 hour, just to see the difference.

    Ya know...I don't think I've passed any of this stuff yet. I had a small cup for breakfast, a coupla frozen waffles for lunch (to clear the decks), and a bowl for dinner. My opinion of this recipe can change dramatically by tomorrow. Stay tuned.

    Friday, May 06, 2005

    Middle East Peace Talks -- Texas Style

    Got this via Email.

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    Friday Furniture

    Hey, I bet you thought this was going to be a Moisin-Nagant or something! My Dad bought this Remington 870 Wingmaster in a Base Exchange while passing through Japan in the early 60s (I'm thinking '62 while he was stationed in Germany and traveling with his transport aircraft). After my 16th birthday, he gifted it to me for Christmas. Look at that wood! It remains the "fanciest" firearm I own.

    Darn, I got started too late for this week's Carnival of Cordite.

    Thursday, May 05, 2005

    I'm Famous!

    Click the pic to read the joke at Curmudgeonly and Skeptical.

    Thursday Furniture

    Springfield Armory Cal .30 M-1, 3269XXX Serial, built in October-to-November 1944 (according to Fulton Armory Garand Site). No other stamps on it; as this was a west Texas gun show purchase, I suspect it might have been somebody's CMP rifle.

    Bayonet is an M-5 (made post-Korean War) with an M8A1 scabbard. Yeah...I think that's a bit of surface rust on the blade. I got this out to the desert just in time.

    Wednesday, May 04, 2005

    Wednesday Furniture

    Yugoslav Model 48 (98k Mauser-clone) made at the Preduzece (Enterprise) 44 from 1945 - 52, it has matching 32XX serial numbers on the bolt and receiver.

    Rich A. Herder Bayonet (21XX serial, no date stamped) has wooden grips. Metal scabbard is 1940 WKC manufacture. So, all my stuff doesn't match, but at least it shoots great...which is more than I can say for those previous pieces of furniture!

    Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    Tuesday Furniture

    SMLE Mk III* made in 1918, the stock in 1947. The receiver band (?) above the trigger reads

    1919 1918

    beneath the Crown stamp. Does anybody know whether the "1918" is engraved on all SMLEs? The India pattern bayonet was made in 1942 and is marked

    9 42
    RFI (for Rifle Factory Ishapore)

    on the blade beneath the crown stamp.

    The action is as slick as wet ice, but the rifle will not chamber .303 British ammo! I've tried! Does anybody know whether this might be chambered for a different caliber? Any help is welcome.

    Update: It has a 103XXX serial number on top of the receiver beneath a D-2-with a tripod under it-D. On the right side of the receiver, it is stamped with a K, underneath which is a 67XX serial. It also has the K67XX stamped on the bottom of the stock, which I believe was made in 9/47 as it is marked. There are lots of other stampings all over which I can describe to anyone interested...anybody have a clue? I corrected the date after scrutinizing the "wrist" (as Firehand calls it) in better light. FH also caught the "RFI" right after I updated the first time. I Googled the heck out of "SMLE chamberings," which is what I should have done before even posting the first time. Hey, no one calls me a Journalist.

    Another Update: Got lots of advice from both the Blogosphere and Usenet (rec.guns). It is definately chambered for .303 and is either subject to some stubborn grease stuck in the chamber, or has a separated piece of cartridge case neck lodged in the chamber invisible to visual inspection. I'll have to give it a good scrubbing with solvent, but it might take a while to resolve this...I know I've got a bandolier of .303 British around the house, but I don't recall seeing it in the last few years. It might be a while before I find it and/or get curious enough to send the gun off to the gunsmith. My latest search for the bandolier turned up 900 rounds of Chinese .308 ammo I forgot I had. Damn...what could I do with that?

    Monday Furniture

    Rock Island Arsenal 1903 Springfield, built in 1918. There's a fix on the stock forward of the bolt handle that I suspect may have accomodated a Pederson Devicehas no explanation. The receiver is not cut for the Pederson Device. The bayonet is also RIA 1918-made and came in a bakelite scabbard. I hear the original WWI long-ass bayonets are now worth more than I paid for the rifle. Guess I better keep it in the safe too.

    Update: here's a jpg of the Pederson Device, so I have no clue why the stock fix is where it is.

    Monday, May 02, 2005

    Pilgrimage (Updated)

    Made my annual pilgrimage to Cabela's (Hamburg PA) today. I was looking for a Union gunbelt and holster for my Remington 1858 New Army blackpowder pistol...they didn't have any belts in stock, but I got a holster and cylinder pouch. Also picked up a holster for Alan's Rebel Revo. He was tickled to get it. More pics when I get back...I think it's time to open up the booze!

    (Update: Okay! Here's more pics!) Yeah, we opened the booze and I almost feel bad about slurping up half of the bottle of Glen Morangie I gave him as a Retirement Present. I think the holster was a way to make up for that. I also relieved him of a portion of Laphroaig, about which I've added a new axiom to my tome of accumulated wisdom: "Don't drink single-malt Scotch that doesn't have 'Glen' in the name somewhere."

    I'm looking forward to the day when Alan and I can tour Gettysburg in full Blue and Gray regalia (counter-respectively) or at least bust a couple of pumpkins in Mom's field with our black powder revolvers.

    Cabela's Gun Library was awesome, a veritable smorgasborg of gunly goodness...if only I was a millionaire!

    This Springfield Garand was among the supposedly affordable firearms...wait, I just paid that much for my SOCOM 16!

    Okay, fine! Here's another look at the Gun Library!

    I'm not much of a fisherman, but I could spend hours at a well-stocked acquarium!

    And a taxidermy exhibit like this?

    Well, I got more uploaded, but this seems to encapsulate the experience. You mundane outfitters out there might have lots of inventory, but nobody beats Cabela's for a quality shopping and tourist experience.

    This blogger has no connection with Cabela's and receives no compensation from the company, even though he has spent thousands of dollars with the company over the years. Hint, hint, hint!

    I'm a Baaaad Daddy

    I've been back for three days and haven't picked up the weasels yet. I miss them, but I've still got a mountain of stuff to clean up. Most of the stuff is poop that I couldn't bother to clean up before I left. They'll remain on a caged regimen with supervised forays out into their side of the house; if this proves less torture to my allergies, I'll withdraw my offer to Mistress Lisa for their adoption. Cross your fingers, folks.

    Ever Wonder?

    Why places like Deming and Lordsburg NM exist out in the middle of nowhere?

    Life Support System for a Truck Stop.

    Plus, after all the bugs smear your sun-seared windshield on this stretch of I-10 West, you're better off just pulling off the Interstate and eating dinner. I persevered past Deming, since that was the site of my first NM speeding ticket (back in '89? bastards!) and pulled into the Love's Travel Stop at Lordsburg. Mmmm...Subway! I needed my "I-10 Sunglasses" Saturday when I headed up to PHX for the monthly shoot. More later....
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