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Friday, March 06, 2015


How I spent my winter vacation...

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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Baby Steps

The Education of Jo Continues 

After two more range sessions were snowed/frozen out, my time back in my home town ran out.  It was time to teach Jo how to disassemble her pistol and use her new cleaning kit.  Meanwhile, I noticed the used holster in the gun case.

Pennsylvania allows open carry in most places and is very happy to issue concealed carry permits to law-abiding citizens.  Jo has never worn this or any other gun, so I asked her to try it on for size and wear it around the house. Jo found a comfortable carry position and some day may even be comfortable enough to carry it loaded.    


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year!

 Got warm enough for another range day, so I introduced Jo to some different guns, as well as invited her to try her own for the first time.  The FireStar in 9-mm is a fun little gun, but the recoil spring was to stiff for Jo to manage.
Jo liked the tameness of the .38 Special... especially in a handsome cowboy six-gun.
She brought her own S&W .40 automatic and fired it for the first time! Took a bit to fight the flinch, but eventually started hitting regularly. She fought the recoil spring more than she fought the recoil.
Good thing she brought lots of .40 because the only stuff I brought was premium defense ammo for my carry guns. She enjoyed the SiG P239 quite a bit... it was intrinsically the most accurate firestick she fired today.
Jo really liked the Ruger SP101 she tried this summer, so I sacrificed some carry ammo to warn her what even a light .357 Magnum feels like.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

This summer I treated my friend Jo to a couple of range days.  She took a liking to my 9-mm AR, so I told her this winter, she could try my rifle-caliber ARs too.  She renewed her friendship with the 9AR; I asked her to shoot it until it failed, as I knew it bound to do so from my experience with the AZ Sub-Gun Match.  After it finally failed to eject, I dropped in the new bolt carrier group after splashing some lube on it. It froze up on the second shot!  Perhaps I should have been more generous with the Break Free.  Got to fix it before I go back to AZ so she can shoot it again; I forgot a few boxes of ammo and a firearm in the family cabinet, so another range day is definitely in the cards.

Jo adapted to the Bushmaster .223 barely batting an eyelash.   She really dug the reflex sight and the gentle recoil... not much different from the 9AR.
Jo noticed the considerably greater heft of the DPMS LR-308, but was pleased with the relatively gentle recoil.  That is, compared to a bolt action rifle in the same caliber.  One thing you can't get used to is the concussive effect of that SJC Titan compensator; fortunately, she was standing in the best place to avoid having her teeth rattled by the shock wave.  The petite lady promised to start lifting weights so she can spend more trigger time on the rifles.  I hope I brought enough ammo!

The Ruger 22/45 with the bull barrel is incredibly stable and fun to shoot well.  Good thing I brought lots of .22 LR!  
The Walther P-38 took a lot of getting used to.  Heck, I'm still not used to shooting it and Jo consistently struck low, just as I usually do.  Even so, it's fun to shoot a piece of German engineering that was made in the year we were both born.
I saved the S&W 29 Classic for last for obvious reasons.  Fortunately I brought a good supply of .44 Special instead of subjecting Jo to the punishing .44 Magnum round.  She ended up declining to shoot the beefier magnum rounds I brought, but handled the gentler loads without any trouble.

Hey, we've got another range day to look forward to!   

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Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 AZ Sub-Gun Match

Six stages of gun fun in the sun was the 2014 AZ State Sub-Gun Match. I was encouraged by how my clean 9-mm AR started off until it threw a piece of brass up into the bolt latch channel at the end of our first stage. It was a jam-o-matic after that, so I bummed one of Jon's guns (also uses Colt format magazines) to finish the match. Jon, he with the Magical Kel-Tec Sub2000, proceeded to kick ass in the Semi-auto Division (placing 4th Overall in the match). It was a good time; my swag bag included a pair of Uzi magazines. Maybe I'll have to bring that sometime.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Photo Hack

One of the first things I learned when I started taking photography seriously is that on-camera flash is for amateurs. That said, a lens-mounted LED ring light is darned handy for close-up photos and cinematography. Besides the ring light, I have a rectangular bank of LED lights that fits on the camera shoe... but that looks too much like flash. I'd rather my photos have character, or in other words, shadows. For this selfie, I held the light out well away from the axis of the camera.  My hands were full.
What do you do when your hands are already full before you consider the light?  The threading on the bottom of the light fits the shoe adapter, but no known tripod shoe or standard light stand.  With my trusty Swiss Army Knife and a plastic gallon jug, I fashioned a light-holder that slipped over a light stand.  I'm planning on getting another of these lights; having adjustable brightness, another would make a great fill light on the other side of the axis. I don't always want the shadows to be so severe.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Let's Have a Summer Match in Arizona!

This is how you do it. Hold it at NIGHT!

Jon, his co-worker, and I checked out the Cactus League's Thursday Night Match to get some Pistol Caliber Carbine practice for next month's Arizona State Sub-Gun Match.

Nine-millimeter carbines are a blast to shoot and are economical too! Lots of clubs let you shoot them on courses of fire designed for pistols (at least in my limited experience).

First off... we're shooting a match in Phoenix when it's still SUMMER? Well, it's at night. With a Mexican hurricane sputtering to the south, it's HUMID, and the recent rains have brought out mosquitoes, caterpillars, tiny frogs... we're convinced we didn't see any snakes because they couldn't slither further than a yard from their lair before gorging on tiny succulent desert life.

This being Phoenix, we got to see some National Champions strut their stuff. Local shooting celebrities. Good shooters I used to hang with when I did Cactus Matches monthly instead of annually. Worth a few mosquito bites!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

10th Blogiversary!

How, a whole decade.  Hard to believe people still read this crap.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hooftytown Highlights

Actually Sawmill Trail downstream from Beltzville State Park.  Found two sets of these bound roses placed along the trail.  Oh, to know the story...

Interesting tree.

Interesting trees. 

Ye Olde Slate Quarry Pond.

I guess the bacteria count is too high for swimming but not too high for fishing on Lake Beltzville.

Ye Olde Covered Bridge at Beltzville SP.

Downstream from Beltzville Dam.

Falls along the trail.

You didn't think I'd take pics of actual Hooftytown itself, did you?  Maybe next year....

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Sister Binker

Oh, did I forget to mention I'm an Uncle again?

Meet my first Nephew, Baby Zeus

a/k/a Caden Archer

Delivered by the BinkerMom on 8/8

Fortunately, the BinkerDad is a cigar aficionado.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Holding Back on Me, Bob?

When the choices are painting one's kitchen or shooting some cool guns, what does Jo do when she found out I'd forgotten to bring some guns out the last time?

She really liked the 9-mm AR. 

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