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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Apple a Day

...empties the wallet pretty quickly.

After pondering upgrading my "ancient" (mid-'08 Aluminum) MacBook to the newer Operating System from Leopard through Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mountain Goat to the super-new Andean Llama OS, I've decided to keep my MacTop in its original unbroken form. I guess I'm not an Apple Fanboy like some of my friends (you know who they are) who always pick up the latest Apple gadget like iPad/Pod/Pud/Ped, etc. As for me, I only have an iPhone and a MacBook for comms and an iMac for productivity. Yeah, I keep two WinDoze machines around for games and to keep my not-a-Fanboy cred alive.

I guess I'll drive that indestructible little MacBook until it fails or the Mayan Apocalypse/Christian Rapture brings us to Sweet Oblivion, whichever comes first. I hope it's the MA/CR, because if I want to buy the MacBook Pro I've been coveting, I'm gonna have to get a real job.



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