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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rags and a Ragtop

I'm mighty thankful for friends who're willing to make a dozen U-turns on a sparsely traveled road or go all ninja on produce in their front yards.

We had our second Digital Photography critique last night and I've discovered the secret to avoiding the long silence until someone in class finally pops up with an awkward "I like the colors in that one." I just kept talking and outside of a few comments from the perfessor, was met with amused silence (I even had a joke to start my presentation).

I wonder how much of that silence was Camera Envy... here I am in a beginning photography class where half of my classmates are using the school's basic Canons -- and the Pentax from which I upgraded would be considered an upgrade for the instructor. Several of my classmates had great frozen motion action shots taken with a single snap of the shutter; I know some of their cameras have burst modes, but maybe they were waiting for the instructor to teach that? I made myself learn how to shoot Continuous Mode when I found out the requirements of the assignment (the feature was in no way a factor in my buying the 7D, which I knew to be a great HD movie camera).

Since the next assignment is going to feature the Quality of Lighting, maybe I'll use the Pentax instead.

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  • At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Exurbankevin said…

    Speaking as someone who majored in photography and was violently dismembered in critiques by my peers (and ripped off my share of the limbs of my fellow students as well, at times), the easiest and best critique I ever had was...

    "What were you trying to do with the shot, and did you get there? If so, why? If not, why?"

    Brutal and honest.

  • At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Ritchie said…

    At camera club, I once led by asking, "What was I thinking?" To which they replied, "Yes, what were you thinking?"


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