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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey' Y'all Watch This!

Been running around this week; not quite like my hair's on fire, though. Got a gun and a half in the mail...all outgoing, unfortunately. Sent BoG2's upper to POF-USA today and shipped a BAG Day bonanza to one lucky Blogger Friday.

Sent four stages to the Cactus Match COF Committee and one stage (so far) to the AZ ACTS match director. This is a time of year to be an Arizona shooter! Kick off April with the Superstition 3-Gun, two weeks later shoot the ACTS Match; next weekend is the Cactus Practice 3-Gun, which is excellent practice for the Pima Tactical 3-Gun on the Fifth Sunday. Then, in case I forget how to shoot a pistol, there's the USPSA match on May's first Sunday, then another ACTS on the 2d Saturday. Of course, I'll slow down when summer really gets here, but for now...Yeehaw!



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