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Monday, April 16, 2007

GunBlogger Meme

From Porta's Cat.

I'm just glad I didn't have to take a picture; this caught me at a bad time.

On the desk:

1x WWB .38 Special FMJ
1x Wolf 55 gr. .223 FMJ
1x empty Wolf .223 casing with severe rim damage
1x AR buffer spacer
1x Arredondo mag clamp
1x Coast LED Lenser bore light
Assorted gun-cleaning chemicals
Dec. 2006 The Blue Press

Within reach of hand:

More gun-cleaning stuff
February 2007 The Blue Press
02/07 DPMS Catalog
About 175 rounds of .40 S&W
About 130 rounds of .223
6x AR magazines
6x Glock 22 magazines
Box of latest goodies from DPMS
Box of goodies from SMM3-Gun Match
1x Range box with Nomex gloves, mini-binocs, ear plugs, two 20 gauge shells
1x Project ChildSafe cable lock
1x Can WD-40
1x round .38 Spec. LFN
2x rounds .45 ACP FMJ
1x round .308 Win FMJ
4x boresnakes (9-mm, .22 twice, .40)
Rock River Arsenal 9-mm AR carbine

Ay Carumba!



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