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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Blood! Blood! Blood!


Because I know it bothers you.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Carnival of Cordite #78

In the Wrong Place

Looks like The Right Place's Halloween Blogiversary has been overrun by Liberals!

Portable Practical Range

If you've been hankering to try one of the practical shooting disciplines (IPSC or IDPA), but haven't found a league yet, are out of practice, or are too self-conscious to jump right into competition in front of a group of strangers, you might try setting up your own practice stage.

Before I started going to Cactus League matches regularly, I'd accumulated several target stands and some bowling pins. My friend Jon and I used to head out to a berm in the desert (since swallowed up by city limits, the bastards!) and set up our own informal match. Some gardening stakes fit into the stands and cut cardboard approximated IPSC-style targets stapled to the stakes. Shooting boxes were drawn in the dirt with a stick. Jon taught me the range commands and we took turns as Range/Safety Officer timing each other running through the improvised stage with a stopwatch. This did a great deal to prepare me for the league matches I enjoy every month now.

As a retirement present, Jon gave me a pair of steel tip-over silhouettes and a steel woodchuck. Cardboard and stakes included, the whole kit takes up only a fraction of my truck bed. I brought the portable range out to the Tucson Rifle Club for Kevin Baker's first taste of practical shooting at our BlogShoot in February. If you're only used to standing in one place blasting bulls-eyes or steel turkeys, the movement and rapid multiple target engagement of practical shooting will be a whole new world to you. Kevin caught up and passed me in only a short time.

(Yeah, I know bowling pins and woodchucks aren't "practical" targets!)

Tale from Bane's Uncle


Why Not?

I bet Chuck Schumer would love to try one out!

Update: To whomever posted on the KelTec HiPoint forum: this PLR-16 is not mine, nor do I own one. I don't really have any use that would drive me to buy one, but, hey, that's never stopped me before!

Photos posted unattributed on Yafro.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Little Red Riding Binker

Surrender Your Raisins, Mortals!

Ferret Company Calendar pic

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Blogger's screwy again this morning. Tried to add a hat tip to the Ace doggy pic and some entries to the contest, but got connection refusals when I tried to publish.

Let's see if this goes up.

Friday, October 27, 2006

h/t to Agent Scully

Funniest Concert Rider in Roll 'n' Roll?

See it at The Smoking Gun

h/t to Keith E.

Ferreting Out the Good Stuff

Prairie Biker Archer scored a nice buck! Go congratulate him!

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Familiarity Breeds Competence at Cerebral Misfire. I compromise on this by picking one pistol and competing with it all year, then rotating to another the next year.

ACLU on the Side of Good by Heartless Libertarian. Yeah, that made me curious, too!

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Baretta Law by Jerry the Geek. Something to think about.

Firehand's got a Webley!

The latest Flight of Fantasy by Jay.Mac *Hubba-hubba*

Leatherneck M31's review of Flags of Our Fathers

Buck Henry look-a-like MrCompletely thinks I look like Gabby Hayes. It sucks getting old. In Basic Training, my nickname was Burt, because of a supposed resemblance to Mr. Reynolds. A guy named Hillary once called me BURT, but that was short for "Big Ugly Round Thing." Since then, I've also been compared to G. Gordon Liddy (no beard) and Hank Williams Jr.

Know Your Place by James Rummel. Too true.

Why vote Republican? THAT'S WHY! at the KisPers

LawDog has great seasonal Uses for Chem Lights

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Risawn's Friday Ferrets!

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Friday Fertography

Lenny and Squiggy and Cowboy Blob Dreams.

h/t to Lil Bro
(probably Playboy photo)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Lego of Sleepy Hollow


I Feel a Disturbance in the Blogger.Com

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Hope it was Halloween

Lookit the BONES!

Sugar Daddy

Lick; Don't Bite.

Wisdom for Halloween.

Wisdom for the Ages.

Even Planes Like to Dress Up

Check out the tow tractor!

h/t to Agent Scully.

Not on the Bandwagon

But I am rooting for the Red Birds. My MLB hierarchy of loyalties is pretty simple:

Any NL team playing the Giants
Any AL team playing the Yankees!!

In honor of the Tigers defeating the hated Yankees, I wish them a full seven-game series, at the end of which they should just roll over and lose to a walk-off Pujols home run.

I just hope walking-wounded Al Pujols can survive that long.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Fall Has Fallen

While you northerners get to enjoy scenes like this (or not), autumn has come to the Cowboy Blob hacienda in another's the day I try turning off the air conditioner all day. It's oh-dark-thirty and I'll got the ceiling fan running already. We'll see.

April and November are the only months I can leave the central HVAC off all day, though many sunny days in the winter allow me to bare the screen doors. In another week or three, I'll probably have to dig through the drawers to unbury the rest of my long pants; not that I'll need them for daily use...only if I need to venture outside during hours of darkness, when the Sonoran desert can get a mite chilly.

Now THAT'S Creative!

A mock setup of a plane crash is displayed as part of a Halloween display in the garden of a home in Los Angeles October 20, 2006. Los Angeles police visited the scene after thinking the crash was real. The homeowner is an aircraft mechanic in training and the parts are from a real Gulfstream jet.

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
via Yafro

Hell Can't Be All Bad

Monday, October 23, 2006

Caption Contest Winner

The Trainer from Because I Say So wins with his photoshop and caption, "Condi Rice is escorted to her limo after talks with Kuato, leader of the Mars Insurrection."

The Man from GOP & the City scores Honorable Mention with "What the hell? A copy of Highlights, a box of Kix, and a laptop. This is Foley's limo!"

Thanks for playing!

Something Constructive

I should be cleaning guns...or the house, but instead I'm making chili!

They Oughtta Hire ME

Match Report

Way fun match! Too bad only a few dozen shooters found that out, other than you faithful out-of-state readers...who'll just have to take my word for it.

Garb for this event was definitely going to be my Coal Creek Armory T-Shirt--heehee, I'm in Arizona where I get to wear a T-Shirt in late October! Actually, it was a little warm for a black T-shirt. Ninety degrees...and a brisk wind early on that could have screwed up the match. Fortunately, that petered out and the later stages were delightfully wind-free.

Feeling a bit froggy (and taking advantage of the awesome weather), Jon and I decided to augment our rifle-pistol and shotgun-pistol menu with a buffet of pistol-caliber carbine goodness after we got through with the manly art of 3-Gun.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Red Thingy

Pardon my highly technical computer jargon, but what the heck does that red diamond (left) mean? It usually appears right before I scan the heck out of my machine and usually reverts to the more familiar notredthingy graphic (right). Thanx in advanx for enlightening me.
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