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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pro-Dane Rally

Corsair the Rational Pirate photoblogs the DC rally in solidarity with Denmark!

Go there for the demonstration, scroll down for the eye candy!

Doh! Er....Dough!

What does Krispy Kreme and Homer Simpson know? Today is Doughnut Day! Or better known to the Pennsylvania Dutch as Fastnacht Day, the day to load up on fat and carbs before the first day of Lent.

Linda, our bailiff, asked us jury members whether we wanted doughnuts or bagels for our second and final day (Whoohoo! What a break for me!) in the jury room tomorrow. Fortunately, we health-conscious folks outnumbered the sugar-lovers and decided on bagels, although one Pillsbury Doughboy/Michelin Man aspirant appeared absolutely crestfallen with our democratic decision. Dude, you can pile on all the cream cheese you want on a bagel, but you can't de-fry and de-glaze a doughnut!

So, as a lapsed Catholic, I really don't celebrate Lent (seeing as how I already have given up wild parties, casual sex, and hard liquor), but I definitely won't be eating a doughnut on the day after Doughnut Day!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Returning to the Well?


I always wondered how they do that....

Gone to Meet His Co-Pilot

Brigadier General Robert L. Scott, Jr., world renowned World War II "ace" pilot and author of the 1943 book "God Is My Co-Pilot," has gone to see his co-pilot. The spirited adventurer who flew fighter missions with the "Flying Tigers" in China, passed away this morning at the age of 97.

Full story here.

Double Damn. It's bad enough losing beloved TV personalities, but Scott shared his heroic adventures with us via his book, an inspiring work. Another member of the Greatest Generation gone.

H/t to the Prop Wash Gang


These things happen in threes, the wives tales say. Deputy Fife, Inspector Kolchak, and now Deputy Marshal McCloud. Happy Trails to you all, Amigos.

I Smell Bacon

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Lil Sis IM'd me when I got back from PHX this afternoon that the Binker was holding up a bar of soap to her ear and talking to it.

"Was she trying to Dial Soap?" I asked.


"I talking to Bobby'" she told Mommy.

"Where's Uncle Bobby?" asked Lil Sis.


That's just cute.

GOP and the City Caption Contest

Another Weekend Caption Contest! When in doubt, flood him with Photoshops! Original in upper left.

Whoohoo! I'm Number 1! Check ''em all out at the link.

One More Range Day Before the Match

I've been using up my Wolf .45 in practice, intending to switch to Winchester White Box for the match. I got several mag jams in BoG that might be due to the ammo. Next weekend, I'll wring her out with the other stuff to make sure. And that time, I'll bring out all of my 10-rounders to ensure it's not just a mag problem.

Jury duty had better not interfere with my match!

Oh, yeah, check out this week's Carnival of Cordite!

Geekin' Weekend

Range report? Bah! You've seen all those guns before...and I sucked royally at long range with the SOCOM. So you get D&D Geek pics!

Officially titled "On the Way Back from the Dragon Poop Adventure," we brought back some rare spell components (see title) , ate a big spaghetti dinner, drank wine, and had lotsa fun.

After shedding much blood and treasure fighting super-hard dwarves, were-rats, and a very irritating imp, we almost laughed when we got to tear into some undead. It could have been the wine talking too.

Bag Boy

Friday, February 24, 2006

Goin to the Range

Could be light posting this weekend, could be an extraganza of gunly goodness...we'll see.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

AK Gun Pr0n

Lenny and Squiggy decided to help me arrange a shot, but unfortunately insisted on being in it.

Yes, I do own an AK, but it's not your father's or even Head's typical's a Norinco 64S chambered in 5.56-mm(that's the American .223 cartridge, not the Russian). That's right, a Chink Poodleshooter. I'm not proud...I aim to own a real 7.62x39 AK before the year is out, but for now you get to bask in the beauty of this little bullet hose. I bought it during my West Texas Gun-a-Month period. I've rung it out at the range several times (and learned not to worry about reloading .223 for literally crushes brass as it ejects them), but it did have a practical use. Before my friend Jon shipped out for Gulf War II, he borrowed it for a Cactus Match for one expressed purpose. As an EC-130 aircrewman, he would be issued a Beretta M-9 pistol...and as a rifle enthusiast like myself, resolved that if he would ever come down in enemy territory, he'd use his pistol to obtain an AK and fight on using that. Thankfully, that need never came to pass.

I've only ever brought it out to the carbine matches once, just for style points, but I was trumped by another shooter with a folding stock AK. Drat! I don't think I've seen him since, at least, not with an AK.

Death to CNBC

You rat bastards! I didn't want to know who won the ladies figureskating medals until I saw it later tonight! Dumbf*cks! NBC has been very careful not to aurally release results for those of us waiting for the taped program...but their little-watched cable subsidiary had to blab it all out so that they could yak about how much dough so-and-so was likely to not make by not winning the gold medal. GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR.

Well, now that curling's over with, I never need to watch their network ever again.

It Had To Be Snakes

What is it with Asians and snakes? Is it a phallic thing? The oldtimers at my old unit in Korea had a "home bar" downtown whose proprietor kept a glass jug of soju with a whole snake marinating in it. It was a big thing to do a "snake shot," but I never did. Soju is bad enough to cause one's own python misadventures....


My jury duty group reporting time was moved to next week, so there is nothing to interfere with my viewing of super-hot girl-on-girl Olympic curling action. And drinking hot tea at my computer, in front of the TV, in my pyjamas.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This is So Me

You are RALLY - Guns are your life. Not only do you have your own guns, but you repair other
peoples' guns. You are very career-minded, and have no time for relationships. Who needs kids? After all, you've got your guns!

What anime gun-toting hooligan are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

h/t to Porta's Cat

Wednesday Shopping

Yeah, it'd be Hump Day if I was actually working. I start my new temp job tomorrow; I'm interviewing as a consultant for the City or County Court system. If I get the job, I'll sit on a panel of eleven other consultants to determine the disposition of my employer's customers. Twelve dollars a day, plus mileage, minus validated parking. I'll try not to spend it all in one place.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

He, Uh, Says Its Inflatable

And that's where the valve stem is located.

Why the Germans Win Biathlon?

Via Electro^Plankton, the Adidas cross-country suit, called Clima TechFitTM. Spacey, huh?

Pictured: German Olympians Kati Wilhelm (left) and Alexander Wolf (below).

BTW, Cowboy Blob might be one-quarter Slovak, but the remainder is almost all German. You'd almost think I'd shoot better...

and have a better-looking ass.

There's a Punk in your Armor

Vile Bill posts some great pics from his tour of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. That brought back some high school memories! I had a great class, Man and War, taught by a very animated military history buff (thank you, Mr. Frakes!). Our class trips to West Point and the APG were highlights of my teenage years.

I still have pics of classmates climbing all over the tanks and my friends and I having a picnic lunch inside a self-propelled gun. I don't think we were supposed to be doing that, but kids will be kids.

Update: Well, I just did a quick Google on Mr. Frakes and learned that he's been teaching up in Gilbert did I know it was him? I found a few references to historical model dioramas that were the trademark of his tenure at my high school. I wonder if he's still around....

When a Fish Isn't Enough

Oh, and save this one for Easter.

Darn it...I owe someone a Hat tip and can't remember who.

Monday, February 20, 2006

How'd These Milk Duds Get in my Pocket?


NOT a Photoshop, well...except for the Mickey Mouse ears and the caption!

Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week! Try the veal!


I'm More of a Wilson Man, Myself

Mahmoud, You Care!

Okay...I made up the Referring URL.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bears Do It...

Maddy Albright, Are You Listening?

SEOUL, South Korea - Twenty-one members of North Korean cheering squads
who traveled to South Korea for international sports events are being held
in a prison camp for talking about what they saw in the South, a news
report said Friday.

Citing a North Korean man who recently fled to China, South Korea's Chosun
Ilbo newspaper said the 21 young women had been detained about last November
in the same prison camp where the man had been held.

South Korea's National Intelligence Service didn't immediately confirm or
deny the report.

In 2002, communist North Korea sent hundreds of female cheerleaders to the
Asian Games in South Korea's Busan, where their tightly synchronized routines
drew worldwide attention. The North sent similar cheering squads to South
Korea in 2003 and 2005.

The defector, whose real name wasn't given, said the female cheering squad
apparently violated a pledge not to speak about what they saw in South Korea,
the Chosun Ilbo reported.

Citing another unnamed defector, the newspaper said the cheerleaders had
pledged before going to South Korea that they would treat the country as
"enemy territory" and never speak about what they saw there, accepting
punishment if they broke the promise.

North Korea's government insists it doesn't abuse human rights, but it has
long been accused of holding political prisoners in camps under life-
threatening conditions.

Between 150,000 and 200,000 political prisoners are believed to be held in
the North, according to the U.S. State Department.

H/t to the Skivvy Nine Group

Ferret Blogging

GOP and the City Caption Contest

Surf on over to the GOP and the City's Weekend Caption Contest. Here's my graphic entry.


Jay.Mac at Cryptic Subterranean posts some great fantasy art on his blog (busty chicks with swords are cool!). I've long been a fan of Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, Julie Bell, and lots of anime artists.

Here's something I stumbled across while surfing; artist details on the bottom of the pic (click to enlarge).

Up From the Tummy

Over the out Tommy, here it comes.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Yo Mama

Yo Mama is so tactical...

she embroidered your name in your Thunderwear

she be "slicing the pie" every time she come in the kitchen

she only put Thunder Ranch dressing on her salad

Read the rest.

Not Desparate

Stopped by the Gun Show today at the Expo Center. Lots of tables, mostly full of junk or stuff that doesn't capture my interest. A local tactical shop had an AR configured like Kevin Baker's (EOTech Holosight in front of a flip-down rear sight). Drooool. The DPMS dealer had stripped AR receivers for $110...3/$300. Maybe some day. Saw lots of interesting buttstocks for ARs; I've no immediate plans for replacing the ACE stock on the 9AR, but the extra weight of some of the collapsible ones might help soak up some of that jumpy recoil. Would a muzzle brake help?

My favorite cowboy-gun dealer was absent, which is a good thing. He has some nice Ubertis that tempt me sorely to dig out my credit card.

All the nice stuff there was academic, because I wasn't planning on spending any money, unless it came from the sale of my Para-Ordnance P13-45. I was in no danger of going home unarmed. I had it priced for folks on my side of the table. When I turned down a dealer's offer of $400, he replied, "Hey, I'm looking for someone desparate." As I was leaving, a guy in the parking lot asked for a look, but asked that I come back tomorrow, because his wife had cleaned him out of cash. I suspect he was a dealer counting on me being desparate enough to come back with the price discounted. I'm not gonna miss any more hot girl-on-girl Olympic curling action for that.

Umma Umma Umma Umma Gumma

Speaking of Left-Wing Nutjobs

They commissioned Google to translate Right-side web sites to "Leftese" for them. Here's one of my favorite blogs.

By the way, reader "mpls" points out that this is National Pet Dental Health Month too! If he doesn't cough up some AdFodder soon, you'll be seeing Puffy here for a month!

Ah Hah!!!!

Eugene Jacques Bullard

Of more than 200 Americans who flew for France during WWI, one of particular uniqueness was Eugene Bullard, the only Black pilot of WWI. A great tribute to Bullard is found in the famous book by Nordhoff and Hall, The Lafayette Flying Corps, published in 1920.
"The writer will never forget one occasion when he was waiting at 23 Avenue du Bois to see Dr. Gros. Suddenly the door opened to admit a vision of military splendor such as one does not see twice in a lifetime. It was Eugene Bullard.

His jolly black face shone with a grin of greeting and justifiable vanity. He wore a pair of tan aviator's boots which gleamed with a mirror-like luster, and above his breeches smote the eye with a dash of vivid scarlet. His black tunic, excellently cut and set off by a fine figure, was decorated with a pilot's badge, a Croix de Guerre, the fourragere of the Foreign Legion, and a pair of enormous wings, which left no possible doubt, even at a distance of fifty feet, as to which arm of the Service he adorned. The eleces-pilotes gasped, the eyes of the neophytes stood out from their heads, and I repressed a strong instinct to stand at attention.

There was scarcely an American at Atord who did not know and like Bullard. He was a brave, loyal, and thoroughly likable fellow, and when a quarrel with one of his superiors caused his withdrawl from the Aviation, there was scarcely an American who did not regret the fact. He was sent to the 170th French Infantry Regiment in January, 1918..."

Following WWI, Bullard remained in France until the German occupation of Paris in 1940, at which time he had to flee the country because of his previous activities of spying against the Nazis. He returned to the U.S. and lived in New York City until his death in 1961. Thus passed from the scene the first black pilot in the history of military aviation.

Hoarked from the Wright-Pat Museum.

Knowing how blacks were treated in his day, I don't blame him for staying in France.

Reader "mpls" scored the correct answer. Unfortunately, he (or she) logged on anonymously so I don't have any info on him (or her) (Sitemeter data was inconclusive). If he (or she) can Email me some AdFodder, I'll put it on my sidebar for a month. Honor system, please.

Friday, February 17, 2006

CB Slovak Watch 3

All the good-looking Slovak men got on the boat at the turn of the last century. [Just Kidding! Don't need a Slovfatwa declared on my ass!]

All images swiped from

CB's Slovak Watch 2

Alpine Skiing


Cross-Country Skiing

The chick on the left looks like she could be my younger cousin.
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