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Monday, August 24, 2009

Geek Content Warning!

Yes, there are contented geeks here!

I think her priestess-thief's name was Fellina, but Jon and I somehow just called her "Slicky Girl," from the Korenglish slang for "female thief." Her T-Shirt, as well as the BlogFace, come from Rich Burlew's webcomic Order of the Stick, which we all follow regularly. I'm sure she won't mind being compared to "Haley Starshine," and Haley's new hairdo.

Yup, we had a geekin' good time with Jon's adaptation of a published adventure, drank some really good beer, then later adjourned to examine the preseason Cardinals and try to avoid ankle-bites from his two ferrets.

BTW, that's "Garand Ironstaff" there at right (in the "pocket"), saying, "You know, I'm an Enchanter... and Owlbears just aren't my ball of wax, you know?"

It's been a relatively bloodless adventure so far, mostly because Garand's a Nice Guy (and has sort of had the mantle of party leadership thrust upon him) and we've spent more money on bribes than our employer has promised for our hire. We're not in it for the money, obviously. We're here for the beer!

Update: Whoohoo! This is my 4,000th post on this humble blog! That might not be accurate by G00gle-count since I reverted some posts to Draft status when their photo hosting went away and I couldn't find the pics to renew them. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting! It keeps me going.

Update Update: Looks like James Rummel had a fun gaming session too!



  • At 6:14 AM, Anonymous Roy said…

    My name is Roy Greenhilt. And I approve of this message.

  • At 10:40 PM, Blogger Joanie said…

    Congrats on 4,000! The rest? I cannot comment.

  • At 11:43 PM, Blogger James R. Rummel said…

    Congrats on the 4K, and thank you kindly for the link!


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