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Monday, November 03, 2008


Got deep into C.J. Cherryh's "The Faded Sun" Trilogy last night this morning before I got to sleep... that's what I get for taking daytime naps and running out of booze. It didn't help that I'm still play-testing that stupid Pirate MMORPG.

Well, anyway, it's Rum & Diet Coke and Monday Night Football (and the stupid Pirate MMORPG between possessions) tonight. Gotta be slightly dehydrated (I'm rarely hung-over) when I walk over to the elementary school tomorrow to vote. Keep the nerves raw for a while, so when I go back to the college Wednesday, I'll be sensitive to all the "progressive" nutcases out there who'll be looking for a known conservative upon whom to take out their deranged frustrations.

Apropos of nothing, my Ronald Reagan pencil drawing got an "A" and now holds an honored place on my wall. My Guam watercolor/pencil got a good critique Friday, plus some of my peers gushed over how quickly I'd done it. Dudes, I didn't take this class because I think I'm the next Picasso... I needed to fill out 12 credit hours to get my full GI Bill benefits and all the Film classes were full! Really, the only time I've drawn anything since high school has been on demand from the Binker! The next project ought to put me in my place: acrylic paints.

Writing 101 is a different story; I'm driving my enemies before me and hearing the lamentation of da women! Your comma splices are little girlie grammar-things compared to my awesome writing manliness! [Flex here.] But seriously... I ought to get an A there.

Computer Graphics? I "mailed it in," learning hardly a thing about Abobe Illustrator, but plenty about logo design. The instructor seemed happy with my design, but found fault with my "movles" (per Berkeley Breathed) which rotated counter-clockwise. They looked better that way.

In Intro to Digital Arts, I'm the screenwriter waiting for the producer, director, researcher, and ... um, somebody else to give me the raw silk with which to spin my web. Our project is to convince neighbors of wind farms (that green stuff again) that those spinning blades are a good thing.



  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger Cargosquid said…

    Faded Sun Series! You are the only other person that I know about that reads it.



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