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Monday, June 09, 2008


Maybe tomorrow.

Update: Stayed on the Green side. Grrr... forgot to plot the paradrops again! I redeployed the mech units to one side of the map, like I always do in an assault. The heli-borne air assault is just a feint to get pioneers across the river and working on the scanty mine fields... they never reach the castle. Before I realized I forgot the paradrops and quit, they'd done a good job on the rifle company holding the bridge. Coming later are about two dozen An-2's dropping Red paratroops, scouts, and snipers into the relatively undefended village and docks behind the Green Castle.

Update Update: Double-Grrr. I set the Mi-17s to arrive the same turn as the paradrops, but the AI copters disembarked all their troops short of the river. Back to the drawing board. I think I'll just scrap this idea and try something else. And stop blogging about it.

It keeps me off the streets, at least.



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