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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why D'Ya Think They Call it Dope?

No wonder all my BoG2 hits were striking high last week! I was using the dope from my .308 147-grain mil-surps instead of 55-grainer .223 data! That's what I get for shooting Heavy Metal for two straight years... a total brain dump.

Any of you real fusiliers out there know the 25-yard/buncha yards dope for the poodle shooter? The .308 was easy; 25 yards hits the same as 200-something. Hold low for 100-something, a tad high for 300-something. Geez, ya want me to remember details?

After we finish the Superstition, Jon has a hankering for the Heavy Metal/ He-Man division again. Being the buddy I am (and having lotsa milsurp .308 saved up), I'll tag along and keep 'im honest (and ensure he's not the only soul shooting HM).

Don't know if Jon's .223 dope'll help since he's got heavier match rounds for that distance, and my 1:9 Bushy hates the 62-grainers I have. Lil help, anybody?



  • At 5:22 PM, Blogger DirtCrashr said…

    Sorry my 1:7 twist upper eats Match 55-grainers before they even get downrange....and we always shoot at 200.


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