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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stand By, One

Maybe I don't need another AR....

Maybe I don't need another AR....

Maybe I don't need another AR.

But it was kinda fun putting together! I put the VLTOR on the (BoG2) DPMS lower and mated that to the Bushy upper (the POF upper is at the 'smithy getting a brake installed). Voila! New gun! Now I've got the Bushy lower with the Redi-Mag installed (which I'll reserve for ACTS matches) and the DPMS, which can take the C-Mag.

So...what can I do for Box o' Gun 3? I've got lots of spare parts, but most of those are for the same stuff I removed from the Bushy lower. Do I want to build an Open Class (multi-optics/bi-podded) rifle that I'll rarely use? A pistol-caliber carbine? Or should I just cool off and enjoy the rifles I have? Maybe, I should wait and see what kinda knick-knacks I get from the Superstition prize table.



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