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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year!

 Got warm enough for another range day, so I introduced Jo to some different guns, as well as invited her to try her own for the first time.  The FireStar in 9-mm is a fun little gun, but the recoil spring was to stiff for Jo to manage.
Jo liked the tameness of the .38 Special... especially in a handsome cowboy six-gun.
She brought her own S&W .40 automatic and fired it for the first time! Took a bit to fight the flinch, but eventually started hitting regularly. She fought the recoil spring more than she fought the recoil.
Good thing she brought lots of .40 because the only stuff I brought was premium defense ammo for my carry guns. She enjoyed the SiG P239 quite a bit... it was intrinsically the most accurate firestick she fired today.
Jo really liked the Ruger SP101 she tried this summer, so I sacrificed some carry ammo to warn her what even a light .357 Magnum feels like.

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