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Friday, September 19, 2014

Let's Have a Summer Match in Arizona!

This is how you do it. Hold it at NIGHT!

Jon, his co-worker, and I checked out the Cactus League's Thursday Night Match to get some Pistol Caliber Carbine practice for next month's Arizona State Sub-Gun Match.

Nine-millimeter carbines are a blast to shoot and are economical too! Lots of clubs let you shoot them on courses of fire designed for pistols (at least in my limited experience).

First off... we're shooting a match in Phoenix when it's still SUMMER? Well, it's at night. With a Mexican hurricane sputtering to the south, it's HUMID, and the recent rains have brought out mosquitoes, caterpillars, tiny frogs... we're convinced we didn't see any snakes because they couldn't slither further than a yard from their lair before gorging on tiny succulent desert life.

This being Phoenix, we got to see some National Champions strut their stuff. Local shooting celebrities. Good shooters I used to hang with when I did Cactus Matches monthly instead of annually. Worth a few mosquito bites!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

10th Blogiversary!

How, a whole decade.  Hard to believe people still read this crap.

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