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Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Gig

How on earth would I spend my Saturday night trapped in a Tucson earthen cellar with a bunch of giggly high school girls with a severe Earworm problem? Doing Location Audio for Steve Anderson's new fright flick, "The Midnight Man," that's how!

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Friday, April 20, 2012


Photo-Shoppin', that is.  It's not perfect, but good enough for unsolicited gratis work for a relative of a relative.  I'm sure he can use PS Essentials to repair the spot I overlooked.

I'm glad Professor Steve gave us a lot of retouching lessons, since the textbook was kinda spotty on the subject.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pretty Awesome Short (Oscar-Winner)

h/t Pia

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Men of War 2.0

Working on pre-production for my next movie, Men of War 2.0, an action-fantasy short that will feature a guest appearance by some North Korean combat aircraft, as well as this F-14 Tomcat. My shooting buddy Big Bob did wonders producing two identical aircraft, one with the landing gear down (pictured), the other, gear up. I took delivery of both this weekend. Thanks, Bob!

The bad guys will be two pairs of MiGs (FLOGGERs and FULCRUMs); the kits are in the mail. Getting NKAF decals was another problem. I didn't mind shelling out over ten bucks (including shipping) for a set of 1/48 scale NKAF roundels, but for the 1/72 scale MiG-23, I had to settle for Yugoslavian roundels and hope no one looks too closely. Y'all won't, right? I'll have Bob paint each without identifying bort numbers so one plane can double as his own wing man (so I only needed to buy one of each type).

As far as paint schemes go, the NKAF doesn't show up at western air shows, so I had to resort to Google and Bing Maps to do a little aerial recon for me. Looks like they're still using the bare aluminum scheme they used during the Korean War, which simplifies things greatly.

Now to set up my spare room as a green-screen studio and start experimenting.

Update: Aw, crap, I got outbid on the Yugo decals anyway! It was actually just as easy to buy a 1/72 scale MiG-15 and hoark the decals from the kit.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

A Change of Pace

Meet Finster, named after a Bugs Bunny character. Halfling "Treasure Finder" whose first weapon carried was only a knife for slicing bread and cheese. He's the most intelligent member of the party and the most cute. So far, knock-on-wood, he's defeated every trap encountered, but has eschewed combat at every opportunity. It's a nice change from having to play a Wizard every adventure, but I kind of miss the hack-and-slash lifestyle of a Fighter.

But not that of a Paladin. Those are for needling to distraction.


Thursday, April 05, 2012

Walking Dead Mad Men

Now with more Braaaaiiiiins!

h/t to MM

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New Camera

Finally powered up my new Canon 7D and took a few stills. It won't replace my Power Shot as my walk-around camera or my Pentax K100D as my primary Stills camera; I'm saving the 7D as my new movie camera.

Guess I better start buckling down and reading the manual.


Break a Leg!

Several of my Advanced Video homies have lost footage from their capstone projects on Pima's video lab computers this week, including a few projects on which I'd helped capture audio. If Pima can't recover them, it looks like we'll have to scramble to reshoot a few days scenes. Imagine the frustration of these film makers and their on-screen talent scrambling to save their projects from this immense suckitude.

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