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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Say Ello to My Leetle Frien, Comrade

Been playing with AfterEffects again... instead of studying or finishing up my real AfterEffects homework. It would look a lot better with a real actor, since the camera shake was too hard to chase with the stand-in Beloved Leader -- but then I'd have to use a fake Uzi... and add a big Hollywood muzzle flash that never appears in bright daylight in real life. I ought to take it to a night shoot somewhere just to see if there's any flash at all. You know, as a rule, all Hollywood gunfire is faked, right? Ever see Stallone with foamies in his ears? That's also why the cliched Hollywood gun shoots forever, because showing a close-up realistic re-load is a pain in the production ass for the armorer and slows down the action anyway.

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