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Monday, March 07, 2011

In the Toybox

Not attending any "shooting" classes this semester, I still have an "in" with veteran classmates, many of whom are taking their second or third iteration of Advanced Video Production in order to hone their directing and videography skills. Not only can they use the school's industry-quality high-def movie cameras and lighting kits, they can avail themselves to the class Casting Calls to find talent.

Last year, a friend approached me about an idea he had for an all-action short for the advanced class that featured a cast of dozens and a gun for each of them. That's when I decided to build upon my movie prop gun collection, which consisted of only two Korean AirSoft guns and, of course, some carefully controlled real guns. Next month, the "Toybox," an Army surplus medical equipment container, ought to be full when I bring it to Mario's movie set.

There's still some painting to do; the MP-5SDs still have orange markings and my odd gray GLOCK will be black by then. I wonder whether helping Mario with the post-production can be applied to my AfterEffects final project?

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