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Monday, January 31, 2011

Uh Oh

Looks like the Pima County Sheriff's Department has lost one of their helicopters. No word from Sheriff Dupnik on whether racism was to blame. Please pray for the crew who're teetering on a cliff at the moment. Four on board, two talking on cellphones, two in and out of consciousness.

Update: they've got live aerial footage of the crash site and three personnel were shown standing outside the flattened overturned 4-man craft. Didn't seem to be on much of a cliff, but there is some slippage potential evident.

Update: USAF parajumpers are on the scene, along with one Border Patrol trooper!

Update: Bunch of boots on the ground and one man out of the craft.

Last Update: At least one air-evac'd out. Channel 13 is losing track of the patients and I'm headed for school.

Last Update and Final: Looks like the pilot didn't make it and another is still critical. Prayers to all and their families.



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