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Friday, February 12, 2010

I Guess I'm a Company

When I first started blogging shooting match videos from YouTube, I added the Cowboy Blob Productions logo more as a joke than any attempt to brand my work. After all, I was only using an itty-bitty Canon PowerShot; that was a bit before the film school bug bit me. Now I'm accumulating production equipment and know-how. When I heard several of my classmates mention that they have a "production company," I came to realize that so do I! Oh, wait, is a production company supposed to make money? And not just spend it?

I just got my new light kit from the Big Brown Truck of Happiness today. The next two months of GI Bill $$$ (thank heavens for cheap Community College tuition!) are going towards a good video tripod, a shotgun mic and boom. I could have just relied on the school's equipment for my Advanced Video project, but I'm thinking of the future (or at least not being restricted by equipment availability as my 21 classmates are shooting their own projects this Spring). Today, I also bought two outdoor extension cords, a jug of theatrical blood, and two sets of kitchen knives. This should be fun!

I'm pretty sure stuff like this ought to be tax-deductible some day. Once I actually make any money doing this, I ought to talk to an accountant about it.

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  • At 10:03 AM, Blogger Loose Gravel said…

    Now, don't take this wrong, but the mental image conjured up by your idea of a "shotgun" mic kinda just sent me into a giggle fit...

  • At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Kirk said…

    Start your business now.

    All that gear will amortize and you can write it all off.

    You only have to show a profit every 3 years. And if you are not going to show a profit just shut the company down.

    You friends with any accountants??? They can walk you through the finer points about this.

    Don't wait. Just do it and save a boat load on taxes...


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