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Thursday, May 14, 2009

NRA Blogging

Not much to see on the convention floor today, very few exhibits had all their crap in one sock before I adjourned to the Media Center -- and discovered I couldn't download the still frames from the Sony's memory card. So y'all gotta wait for a home editing session to see all the nothing that went on. Did get to meet Michael Bane (who's doing what I want to do when I grow up) and Breda (The Bonny Blogger of Books, Bacon, and Bullets) and catch up with Kevin Baker. I think only a surprise appearance by Gov. Sarah Palin could have topped getting to meet Mr. Dick Heller (DC vs. Heller) at the Happy Hour Bash at Front Row Friday's. Yeah, stupid ol' me had to confirm he was that Dick Heller. What an inspiration!

Met several Pennsylvanians on my blog roll, lots of Phoenix talent (of course), the Delaware guy, one from Oklahoma, a podcaster from Tucson I'd never met before (one of these days I'll listen to one of those... sorry, I'm a visual guy!). When I said that at least Breda was representing the many fine Hoosier gunbloggers, I was promptly corrected, since Breda's part of Ohio doesn't technically fall inside of Indiana. (And this was before the beers, folks!) So what's up with that?
Hopefully, I'll get some video reports from the many fine bloggers here tomorrow.

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  • At 1:05 AM, Blogger Joanie said…

    Very cool! Not bad for an antisocial miscreant such as yourself.

    I am very impressed.

  • At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Timmeehh said…

    Is that Burt Reynolds with a beard?


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