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Friday, April 24, 2009

Down to the Finals

This could be the last time I have to touch a 16-mm film camera and I'm just starting to get comfortable with it!

Last night we shot a 100-ft. roll of Plus-X Black and White in Tucson, so today we  journeyed up to scenic and remote Oracle AZ to film the color sequences.    We couldn't have asked for better weather!  The overcast provided just the right flat lighting we would have custom ordered if we had an "in" with the weather gods.

This show was all Nick's (as a music video, it would be wrong for me to Direct a production of a song I've never heard before.  Plus, I'm seriously in personal need of an Editing credit (not for school, just to round out my experience).  As it was, I contributed some adult experience to the project, though often with three heads between us, we're a total of 0.999 awesome director, 1.002 competent cinematographer, and the jury's still out on our editing prowess.

Hey that wagon looks familiar!   That sure came in handy.  Also too (as our film prof would say) I brought a spare shovel (which we needed), sunscreen, extra water, a USAF poncho for when cast or crew had to lie down in the spiky prickly stuff, and my trusty Canon PowerShot to bring back some immediate memories of today's film shoot.

Special thanks to Curtis (left) who saved our bacon on more than one occasion.  Notice he's still grooving on my Beretta AirSoft gun?  Well, I wore the faux Glock throughout the production, though I'd've rather had the SiG that was in my glove compartment with me if any vicious critters had shown up. 

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  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger Joanie said…

    Pretty cool. You should look up a former boyfriend of mine who's quite the AZ film maker. You sort of remind me of him in an odd way...

    Da Goddess


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