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Friday, August 29, 2008

OMG, I'm an ART Student!

One of the few "core" courses I was able to snag in my first semester was Introduction to Rendering. [Edit - Not a Core course.]

The course description was all high-fallutin' college-talk that didn't quite mention anywhere I was gonna have to shell out a fortune in art supplies... and draw/paint by hand on... PAPER!

So here I am in a class of mostly 20-somethings and our first assignment was to sketch some thumbnails for a political illustration -- not cartoon! As the class was discussing ideas... (gush) Obama (sigh!)... BUSH (Grrrr!) WAR BAD! I knew I wasn't gonna shake the whore-in-church /nun-in-a-whorehouse feeling I was getting. I gotta hand it to the instructor (one of the gushy ones), she actually liked some of my sketches, however much she may have disagreed with the right-wing viewpoint.

On my first and favorite effort (above), I learned not to sketch in ball-point pen!

BTW: I was up at 4 am this morning (and hour 15 before the alarm), probably because I forced myself to stay up until midnight, and partially because this insomnia is probably due partly to school nerves and the other part due to alcohol withdrawal. That's a moot point since this is not only a Match Weekend, it's a pajama party night when Jon and Piter come to visit. That means there's actually going to be some Gunny content soon! But first... rum 'n' coke and Steel Panthers!

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