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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer's Here!

Yay! Dish Network must have listened to my gripes, since they added an interactive feature that appears "On the Eights." It's probably cheaper than hiring a met goon to stand in front of a blank radar map for this part of the summer. Eight percent humidity!

This is a two-match weekend; throw in a range day before then to re-zero the POFMaster's scope and to re-check the iron zero for the SOCOM-16, which I'll probably shoot at Pima Saturday. Gotta give Jake another chance to beat me -- maybe he'll bring an AR this time.

Terry the Cactus Poobah is gonna trot out my old stages for Sunday re-runs, which is great. My creativity wanes when only 10 shooters are likely to shoot in the heat any given summer match: the Masters, Grand Masters, Jon, and me.

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