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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Going Green

I'm watching the skies this afternoon with concern for tomorrow's Pima 3-Gun Match getting washed out by monsoons... if they can't set up on Saturday, they might cancel the Sunday match. Next week's July 4 Match in Mesa will happen rain or shine, but the Catalina range road crosses several sandy washes that a hard rain can render impassable.

Lots of folks are surprised how green the Sonoran Desert gets in the summertime. Tumbleweed is blue-green until it breaks off and turns brown, and low-growing spurge covers the brown rock like a mat. Woodland camouflage works just as well as desert cammies... unless you're trying to be seen. Then you can just strip to your panties and pose with an M-4.

Oh, the trouble one goes through to give gunny cheesecake the proper context!

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