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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Overheard at the Obama Household

Gosh darn it, Shelly, that Fox News guy gets me so steamed!

What is it this time, Barry? Did he mention your lack of experience and Senatorial accomplishments?

No, sweetheart --

Barry, did he dare question your judgment in associating with Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

No, honeybun --

Did he bring up our lack of pride in the achievements of a bunch of old white guys in suits?

Uh, no, Sugar Bear... he called me a "Rock Star!"

A "Rock Star!" That cracker sonuvabitch! How we gonna court the College White Chick Vote with them labellin' you like that. Now go out there and put a cap in someone!

What kind of cap? A baseball cap?

(Shiiiiit... who do I gotta bang to live in the White House? Where's Davey Paterson's number?)

[Disclosure: Subject's ears were enlarged for caricature effect. Skin tone used as found, and some spotlit highlights were darkened to match mated photograph lighting. Script was fictionalized dramatization.]

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  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger Serr8d said…


    But...where's the sideways-held nickel-plated Saturday Night Special?


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