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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Still Have an HBAR!

But it gets even less range time than the Colt did. Is this an Evil Black Rifle?

Winchester Model 70 "Police Sniper" in .308, it's mounted with a Leupold 3- 9x scope. At least the Colt HBAR could fit in a gun case I own; methinx the Winny is an tad longer than my longest hard case.

I scored "in the money" in a steel silhouette match with it; offhand shooting this front-heavy piece was challenging since it was made for shooting from a rest. I had planned on shooting it on an ACTS Saturday, but they nixed the Precision Rifle division this year. Our club range doesn't have the distances to make PR viable/fun, but I would have used the Uzi to blast all the CQB targets (if I wanted to shoot pistol so much, I'd have stayed with IPSC). I was in no hurry to try it, since it would have cut into my trigger time with all the other fun EBRs.

Update: I have now almost scraped the bottom of the gun safe, blog feature-wise. If only my collection was similar to this estate collection auction. Got yer checkbook handy, John Donovan?



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