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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Skivvy Nine Lounge

Cowboy Blob's Saloon is based ideally on the Skivvy Nine Lounge, my home away from home during several tours (okay, all Five of them) to the ROK. The Lounge started out as some extra squadron space where some intel types would unwind after a tough day of "Keeping the Morning Calm" and could do so without endangering Operations Security by having any Tom, Dick, Red Horse Harry, or Korean bartender/bargirl overhear the conversation. I'm not saying national security secrets were part of the conversation, just that an observant enemy could gather sensitive OPSEC indicators from one of the prime intelligence units on the Peninsula there.

Over the years, Skivvy Niners poured their ingenuity, resources, and loving attention into the Lounge spaces. I spent a lot of time there as a DeeJay on my 4th tour.

When my USAF Retirement Ceremony came around, I couldn't think of a more apt place to hold it. I had not only many friends from multiple tours there, but some Korean coworkers with whom we kept the Morning Calm for two decades.

My buddy Kevin (left), whom I'd befriended on my first tour, was on hand for the ceremony. OMG! He's a Chief Master Sergeant now!

This little romp down Memory Lane was prompted by this following video aired in 2004 about the soon-to-be "re-purposed" Skivvy Nine Lounge. The MSgt Joe Pond featured was not only my friend Jon's roommate when I first met them in Texas in 1987, he'd also be my friend and sponsor during subsequent tours back to Korea. Yoooooooooooooo!



  • At 2:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    look at the crap on that kids chest. I did 20 years in the NAVY and I only have two rows. OK alot of them have alot of stars. But I have to wonder, does the airforce give awards for being on time and being able to take a crap with out odor?
    The Old Retired Petty Officer.

  • At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Show some respect, that's not crap! Cowboy Bob retired with over 20 years as a Master Sergeant, that's Chief in your world, Petty Officer. He's hardly a "kid." Go find something else to whine about.

    Tom M.

  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger Cowboy Blob said…

    Howdy, Tom! Don't be such a stranger!

    For your information, my shit stopped stinking 18 years earlier when I became an NCO (PO3 on your world). Some of that "crap" on my chest replaces the service hash marks on your sleeves, the rating under your rank insignia, and the marksmanship medals that the "fighting services" wear. Three of the ribbons are unit awards to which I contributed. The basic aircrew wings I earned after dragging my fat 38-year-old carcass through three survival school courses. Ever service does things differently and if you're making fun of mine, you better have a smile on your face and an adult beverage in each hand (one for me). Thanks for visiting, Sailor.

  • At 7:03 PM, Blogger Fits said…

    Don't let him get to ya, partner. Swabbies are usually all atwitter because even though they are in the department of the Navy it isn't the men's department.

    Semper Fi


  • At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wasn't Intel, but I've drank several beers and played many a game of pool in "Skivvy Nine". (95/96)

    It just won't be the same once it's an "official" community center.

    DWR, MSgt USAF (Ret.)

  • At 11:32 PM, Blogger Cowboy Blob said…

    DWR, good on ya! 95/96 describes my 4th tour! I might have even played pool with you. That's one thing missing from the Saloon here. I even considered minimizing my living room furniture to accommodate a pool table . Didn't work out.

  • At 1:42 PM, Blogger geezergeeks said…

    Gosh, glad I found this page while doing some research on the fire in the 80s. Great to see both Bob and Kevin (A Chief?!).

    Retired now and it was good to see the Lounge hadn't changed much since you guys let a sailor manage it for three years straight when I was there.

    GWebb, CWO2, USN(RET)

  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger Cowboy Blob said…

    A Chief still serving!

    Hey, I'll bet I know you! Please say howdy at the Email in my profile!

  • At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The lounge and the lounge lizards never really change. All I need now is some Mike Stiers Chili.
    TEB 81-83 & 94-95

  • At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well hello I was stationed at Osan AFB and was a Skivvy Nine Cop before they let the base take over security up there, I was there in 1977-78, Stan the cop was a old head back then. Probably way before any of you guys time. First tour of duty as an 18 y/0 from Alabama. I learned a lot there. If I ain't mistaken the little lounge their was started with our bunch, before then we all hung out at a bar, after you go out the gate the 1 or 2nd left and bar there on the right, All Skivvy Nine hung out there. I will have to look at my scrap book to remember the name, that was a lot of Soju ago.

    Larry Payne USAF 1977-81

  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger bobfumei said…

    Was stationed in the 6903SS 67-68
    worked on the hill in Ops Admin...
    then took over as First Sergeant
    until I left. MSgt Joe Mantz and I
    got the Lounge opened for business
    cause the eve shift had no where to
    go after duty...had a curfew from
    Mid - 0400 so you could not got
    to the Villiage. We sure got some
    flax from the Base Command...but,
    for some reason never shut us down.
    The guys worked some long and crazy
    hours ...and needed a place to
    unwind. Would like to hear from
    anyone that was there during that

    Bob Darnell (MSgt Ret)

  • At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow---Skivvy Niners!! Spent a great year there from Oct 73 to Oct 74. Lot's of good memories and fun. Never been part of a group any closer than Skivvy Niners. Hope the tradition continues for a long time to come.

    Mike Cothren, CMSgt, Ret

  • At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Moved to Skivy 9 from the 6922nd out of Thailand. Installed the Olympic Spear vans and power plant on the hill in 77-78.

    Thomas Glloway Msgt RET
    54570 Air conditioning

  • At 7:12 PM, Blogger WD40 said…

    Was in Skivvy 9 as a SSgt. in '82 - '83 and '85 - '86. Worked Senior Ruby flightline. Was part of the crew that set up initial Ruby operations in 1982. We started with a three man shop with two civilian contractors.
    Returned to 6903rd. in 1985 for another year of working Senior Ruby/Senior Spear on the flightline.
    Spent untold hours in the lounge shooting darts.
    Good memories.

    William (Bill) Howard, MSgt(Ret)


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