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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Annual Celebrity Costume Party!

(Sticky like a caramel apple, until Halloween)

In lieu of the usual Caption Contest, this next week the Saloon is hosting another Costume Party! A week- and- a- half BlogAd, goes to the winner. Don't worry too much if your photoshopping skills aren't the greatest -- there will be one prize, The Crayola Trophy, for Raw Creativity, separate from the overall Grand Marshal's Prize.

Please do your own work; final pics hoarked from Fark,, or elsewhere will be disqualified (unless you can prove you're the original artist). Even those without PhotoShop, Fireworks, GIMP, etc. can still open a celeb's picture in a simple Paint program and work comedy magic! And it doesn't even have to be comedic! Y'all should know what I like by now (though I might not be the judge since I like to photoshop too!) Multiple entries are welcome and encouraged!

If you've got a blog, please post your picture there, link back to the Saloon, and post the URL in comments or Email it to me. Blogless readers can Email their pics to me and I'll post them. Use cowboyblob - at - yahoo - dot - com

Remember, my BlogAds can be for any legitimate business or cause of your choice! I can even host your kids' trick or treating pics if you're that proud of them. Entries are due before midnight MST Halloween. Don't let your computer turn into a pumpkin!

Wanna see last year's entries? Check out my early November '06 archives!

I'll try to replace this hideous pic with something more recent. But, it's scary, isn't it?

Winner! Rodney Dill from Outside the Beltway!

Due to low turnout, there'll be only one prize. Maybe we'll do better next year.

Other Entries: Sad Old Goth (left) and Support Your Local Gunfighter (right)

Other Contests:

Wyatt Earp (SYLG) (First Place last week!)

Public Pondering (Third place last week)
Gone Rick Motel

Rodney Dill
Right Pundits
Bullwinkle Blog
Bagel Blogger

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