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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yuck Update

Boy, was I scared of getting bronchitis (I'm prone to it), but now the aching muscles in my chest abused during my explosive coughing fits hurt more than my lungs do. Saves me a trip to the ER or wherever civilans go for "sick call." I'm running a 101 degree temperature (wonder what it was Monday!) and I'm starting to get my appetite back. Next time I go to the commissary, I'll have to splurge and replace all the six-years-past-expired meds I've been taking. Except for the Vapo Rub. How can that shit go bad? What a scam.

Only took two naps today and ate some real food. Some bland, but real food. Got a coupla containers of chili in the freezer that are waiting for me to get all the way better. That and spicy Italian sandwich fixins that I'll roll up in a tortilla. I better pound some water now.


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