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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sorry Guys, Still Not a Player

Just like last year, I'll support National Ammo Day (November 19) in spirit, but not in deed. Besides, who wants to go to Walmart and find out Kevin Baker got there ahead of me and scarfed up all the Winchester WhiteBox .45 ACP? Besides, I'm just not a joiner.

Last month I renewed my Sportsmans Guide membership and stocked up .45 and .308 in anticipation of next year's shooting schedule. Of course, this frustrates my little brother, who's fishing for Christmas gift ideas. The WhiteBox is handy if I get the urge to Go Revo, though I'll try to shoot up the Wolf stuff first.

I still have several battlepacks of .308 and 600 rounds of Chinese .308 loose in ammo cans (the Norinco stuff registers on the magnet so I can't use it on steel stages). I just popped the sardine can full of surplus .308 packed in 1981. I'll probably use that up ahead of the battlepack just looks old. Give me incentive to take Lil Thumper out to the range and maybe try some distance work. The 4th Sunday is a practice 3-Gun and 5th Sunday is the Pima Tactical Match with some 100 yd. steel, both of which I plan to enter with the Heavy Metal stuff. Whoohoo!

1st Sunday I play for points, so I gotta be fast. The can of .40 S&W reloads is almost kaput, but I still have a half-case of factory stuff, plus a half-case of Wolf in the hall closet. The Wolf .223 on the right ought to last me a couple of matches...then I'll have to open up the other case. I'm so hard to shop for! I've also stocked up on Federal shotshells (lower right) and have a few years worth of slugs (lower left). The Wolf 9-mm (bottom) is pleading for an Uzi range day and who knows when I'll ever shoot up the Garand fodder? It's Korean stuff that I suspect to be corrosive. The plastic boxes (top) have some of my .38 Special and the peanut butter jar (left) has .44 Special, both wondering when I'll finally put the Cowboy Blob outfit on and do some Cowboy Action Shooting. The orange boxes are Greek surplus 9-mm waiting for me to take the Redheaded Stepchildren out for a day of fun.

I'm going to be out of town on Ammo Day anyway, but I promise to shoot some up that week. I shall spread the word afar...right after I get all that ammo back into the steel cabinet!


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