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Sunday, September 18, 2005

NFL Week 2

If you thought my college football loyalties were strange, you should watch NFL games with me sometime. Growing up as a military brat, I had no strong ties to any one city. In fact, I didn't even watch much football, because I'd rather be outside playing during the weekend. "My team" was never an issue, until some Texas neighbor kids started waxing rhapsodic over the Cowboys, and wouldn't ya know it, they were pretty good. Then, during my junior high years, the Louisiana kids were all over Dallas too, but I jumped on the Steelers bandwagon. Even through high school, I hadn't watched much pro football, except for Monday Night games and the Super Bowl. I didn't become an NFL junkie until I was cooped up in my room during my tours in Korea. But I didn't hitch my wagon to any one team's star; I didn't ever want Super Sunday to arrive and have me not care who won because my team didn't even make the playoffs. I adopted temporary situational loyalties every week. Usually it was:
NFC over AFC
Dallas Cowboys (except during their felony phase)
Anybody over the Denver Broncos (until Elway's retirement...gaaawd, I hated him)
Tennessee Titans
Green Bay Packers
Anybody over Detroit (after Barry Sanders left)
Anybody over the Raiders (and all gangstah-wannabees who wear their gear)
Pittburgh Steelers
Carolina Panthers (cool blue uniforms too!)

I've only ever owned one piece of NFL clothing and it will be my last. It's a Tennessee Titans jersey (I love the color). It so happened that Al Del Greco's Number 3 was my favorite number, and I thought kickers were cool because they're built like human beings, not like steroid-dosed livestock. So, I custom ordered it through the site (cuz, gee, who wants a kicker's jersey?). After the site kept rejecting my request, I tried a work-around, certain that human beings in the order pipeline would figure out the limitations of their custom ordering system.

Of course...I would be wrong. It was too late to get an exchange; I got it a week or two before the Titans would be playing in the Super Bowl and I had to wear my Titans Jersey! I sent a scathing Email to the morons at, who eventually knocked a few bucks off my credit card bill.

I tried darkening the underscore with a magic marker, but the print material wouldn't hold the dye.

Then Al Del Greco lost the Super Bowl by missing some field goals. Then got cut by the team.

Damn you,!


  • At 3:33 PM, Blogger Jack Steiner said…

    I love the Raiders, there is something awesome about the Silver and Black.


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