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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Got Another Road Trip Coming Up

Might need to get a Pennsylvania Non-Resident License for dove season. Mmm...dove. Haven't been bunny hunting for years. I started out using the .22 pistol like every one else, but learned that the 12 gauge Stevens coachgun made the perfect Elmer Fudd gun. Did you know the EFG started out as Jon's? Not for this picture, though, since he harvested this bunny with his first wife's Taurus .44 Magnum (hunting for javelina originally). He used the .44 and the coach gun in a Cactus monthly USPSA match...I provided the Bag o' Speedloaders and he shovelled out the style points. Steel was slammed down by factory magnum loads and the riotgun stage was laughable for its anachronism. The range officer was super-helpful in his tactical advice...before he saw the fun-gun Jon had packed that weekend. Sadly, shooting both barrels from the hip failed to drop the last two steel. I've got that on my Sony Handycam, but I really need a Hi-8 player since the camera's player seems to have gone the way of so much of my electronic stuff lately.

Oh, yeah, gotta love what he's using for a game bag! BTW, we came back from this trip with no javalina, but lots of bunny meat. Gotta love the long Arizona white-meat season.


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