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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mech-Tech Carbines

Speaking of Glocks and pistol-caliber carbines, Jon bought the KelTec because the Mech-Tech carbine conversion unit I gave him didn't stand up to match use. I think this is characteristic of the whole product line since my .40 S&W unit would poop out at the same point his 9-mm would, right about Stage 3. We don't know whether extensive breaking-in would improve the weapon, so let's call out to the Gun Bloggers and ask whether anybody out there has a reliable M-T CCU that can last an entire match or two before becoming a Jam-o-matic! Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

I don't think you'd get a good range report out of either one of us on this piece of hardware. I've only sighted it in at short IPSC distances and didn't even pattern it on paper from a bench. I slapped the cheap Adco red-dot scope on it, fired a few shots, fiddled with the knob, fired some more, and it was on. It never made it to the Cactus Match because it pooped out the day before during a practice session--I decided to shoot Glock 22 instead. Jon's kids scored quite well with the 9-mm, but accuracy doesn't help when seconds turn into minutes.


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