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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Anti-Jerky Hippies Spread Diseases

The Jerky Nazi (pictured above) is a self-avowed Mortar Maggot; maggots are fly larvae, which you all know are disgusting and spread disease. So are tofu-munching, patchouli-wearing, crystal-carrying hippies, who have lousy hygiene, engage in unsafe sex with hippies of indeterminate gender, and would rather release beef cattle into the wild to fall prey to predators than allow them to be made into wholesome beef jerky for beef-lovers everywhere.

Say "No" to hippies and maggots alike! Enjoy Beef Jerky and send some to our troops!

Disclosure: This graphic was recycled from our Spirit of America Challenge last year. I hope Jean-Paul doesn't mind being compared to Hugh Hewitt.

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