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Friday, May 20, 2005

Tardy IPSC Blogging

Well, I'd be more timely if the club would post their results sooner than 20 days after the match....

In honor of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I scored 42 out of 46 handgunners, but there were no wheelgunners with whom to compare myself. I ended the day happy with my performance; no major problems, all clean runs. I didn't even need to see the video Jon took to know I'm pretty slow, though.

Jon squeaked ahead of me in the middle of the pack in Rifle...gotta wonder how well he'd have done if he didn't have the obsession with his great big honkin' Springfield M1A. It's a crime that rifle targets required three hits each, even for major caliber. Well, there's only one rifle stage, so we might as well do some extra shootin'.

I was further behind in riotgun, 5th out of seven shooters. Jon placed third with a pump 12 gauge. I'd have done better, but I'd engaged my first slug target with birdshot and would probably have had to pay for a steel popper if I hadn't been using a 20 gauge. Oops.

Tomorrow I pick up my Box o' Gun and will put some rounds through it at the public range. Also need to battlesight the SOCOM and see if my 870 likes Federal instead of the Winchester it choked on last time. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but, hey...that's me.


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