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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Mister Spontaneous

And I don't mean spontaneous combustion from the heat, although some AZ Gunbloggers might disagree). At 0630 this morning, I decided "I'm going to that practice 3-Gun match in Phoenix this morning! And I'm gonna shoot guns I dirtied yesterday and my Box o' Gun!" It's a good thing I brought my other single-stack, because Frankenstein is not ready to mingle with the villagers just yet. This gun is tight! I need to put hundreds of rounds through this baby before it's ready for a match. Woohoo! A better excuse to practice! BoG will be blogfodder later, after I clean it for pictures.

There were almost two a dozen other folks who were daft enough to dare the 110-degree heat, though most were smart enough to arrive early and shoot quickly. Wimps. I signed up for Limited 10, Carbine, Riotgun, and 3-Gun. I'd later regret such ambition. In my rush to load the truck, I grabbed a different range bag; my regular one is still full of revo moon clips and stuff...stuff like my kneepads! (got a boo-boo on my knee now), sunscreen! (the tops of my forearms are nicely burned), and nomex gloves! (black semiautos sitting in the Arizona sun tend to heat up, even before you shoot them as fast as you can). Most of us pounded a bottle of water per stage. I paired up with one of Cactus' several Grand Master shooters who came in as late as I did. At least he signed up for the whole quadrifecta too, so we could run each other. The downside to this was my slowness and gunly suckiness are magnified when I'm following a guy who zips through the stages like a space age ninja on speed (he drives jet dragsters too). What can I learn from him? He's practicing! Hey, so am I! Now that I think of it, besides the club officers, the only guys I recognized today I knew to be Master or Grand Master luminaries. Must be something to this practice stuff.

I can't wait until it sinks in...I sucked!

Update: Man, Cactus needs to settle some issues in their recordkeeping...or maybe somebody filled in the wrong info (I know my shooting partner caught me screwing up some score cards in my heat-addled state). Still, I know I was the worst carbine shooter (oh, the suits galore!) I was NOT the worst C-10 Limited shooter, despite the fact that I blew off one of four stages. Colt Series 80 did some serious schwacking--lotsa A-zones, which are the only things that affect time-based score, minus penalties. I was not the worst of four in riotgun, but placed third...I was lucky to end with NO birdshot ammo left in my wagon...lotsa unexpected misses. Carbine, usually my only point of pride, was my downfall. After I dig around for the appropriate hex wrenches, I'll have a T-Dot scope on the SOCOM-16 for the next match (non-monthly probably, since I still view this black gun as experimental).

Still, it appears they, due to limitation in their software, posted the 3-Gun category results as "Grand Master Revolver" results, which would be cool if I weren't lowly C-Class wheelgun journeyman. I'm just leery that some one will find this and surmise that I'm a great shooter. Unless, of course, they're planning on burglarizing my house. In that case, I'm a Grand Master Jedi Hand Cannon Angel of Death and Harbinger of Soul Damnation...hope this helps.


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