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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Change of plan for tomorrow! My shooting buddy can't make it to the PHX shoot, so I decided not to make the trip...I'll be up there next week anyway. Instead, I'll join The Smallest Minority's Kevin Baker at the Tucson Rifle Club for some gunly goodness. Kevin and I are polar opposites, blogger-wise. He can fisk an article with incisive intelligence and rail intelligently for paragraphs on end against the hoplophobes in the media. On the other hand, I get nervous when my text starts to scroll out of the Blogger window. Must be my technical writing background. Or my lack of writing talent. I'm more of a photoblogger...mainly because I'm lazy and will take a free 1000 words wherever I can get them.

As for Bloggershoots, if you're a blogger (or even just a reader) in the Tucson or Phoenix area and want to burn some cordite with me, drop me a line. I'm a First Sunday monthly shooter at Ben Avery and I might end up shooting at the TRC at lot more often...I think they have a 3-Gun match tomorrow evening. Hmmmm. As for other kinds of bloggermeets, I'm not the most outgoing person you'll ever see; in fact, I'm kinda neurotic about crowds and dropping myself into foreign situations.'s kept me single for this long.


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