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Friday, April 01, 2005

Lazy Slug and Ferret Poop

My, I've been a lazy blogger this week! Well...not just blogger. Besides doing some front yard work to keep the Lawn Nazis off my case, I did very little constructive this week. Okay, I read a book. Still must clean guns. Got a busy weekend coming up; Gun Show and/or Aviation and Arizona Day Saturday, then monthly Cactus match Sunday.

Much frustration from the weasels, but it's mostly my lazy ass' fault. I cracked their plexiglas barrier in half with my clumsy foot (it was already cracking at the top and it was bowed across the doorway) so my interim fix was to put up the other, larger piece across the hallway. It gave them a few more square feet to romp also gave them access to my hallway closet, whose door they easily slithered under (vinyl floors under a door built for carpet). They took to this new area with gusto and discovered some bulk ammo I'd been storing on the closet floor. What could a ferret do with that? I wondered. How about tearing open a heavy plastic "battle pack" and scattering the 20-round boxes of .308 over the floor? I'm surprised they didn't bust open the boxes. Maybe plastic is more their thing. For some reason, they decided that sleeping jammed in half a case of Russian 9-mm was much more comfy than their bed of old T-shirts in their room (pictures Sunday). That was fine and even amusing until they decided that their litterboxes were too far away and just pooped in the closet corner! Arggh! All the more reason to replace their plexiglas door today and render the closet off-limits! Gawd, I hate poop! It could be could be cat or dog poop. Back when I had the girls, their dainty little poop would dry out quickly and not resemble so much the steaming turds these males squeeze out that give my queasy gag reflex a hard time. As a result, I don't clean their litterbox daily, as I should. Hey, who wants to gag their guts up on a daily basis?

Well, I've got lots of stuff to do today and haven't even surfed the blogs yet. I wonder which will win out?


  • At 12:39 AM, Blogger Michael Hawn said…

    I hear they are turning poop into paper for schools also. might be a new venture for ya.


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