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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Back in the Saddle, but the Horse is up on Blocks

So I donned my virtually authentic cowboy outfit, packed a bag with the requested other change of clothes, and headed off to Old Tucson Studios on two hours of sleep. I got there half an hour before the 6 a.m. cast call and tried to doze in the Ranger Hotel. No way. Several vehicles parked together briefly and left, a few more just cruised the parking and left without stopping. Drug dealers? Maybe. A parking lot out in the middle of nowhere, in pre-dawn darkness, should be a good candidate for a meet. Wonder if they thought I was a cop.

Anyway, 6 a.m. rolled around and no vehicles, no building lights, no open gates. I was beginning to doubt my recollection of the call time (but I was right). At 6:35, I decided I could race home, check the Email again, and get back by 8:00 (a good garble for 6:00). After re-checking both the Tucson Film Office site and the producer's Email, I crawled into bed pissed. Even now, there's no explanation from the producer by Email or by phone (I must have sounded angry on voice mail). I hope his feature is a critical flop.

Update: Okay, the producer Emailed back and said they were there from 5 to 9 a.m. and hoped I wasn't discouraged from participating in future events. Well, maybe if they'd turn on some damned lights next time. Signs would help. A map gif, perhaps.

Oh, well. So much for my movie cowboy career.


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