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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Blogosphere Challenge

I trolled my friends for some content ideas and, naturally, the left-wing lawyer was first to respond. Now's my chance to earn my pajamas.

1. Find the weapons of mass destruction. And the "real killers" from the O.J. case.

a. Syria.
b. OJ.

2. Start a list of people who remember serving with Dubya in the Alabama National Guard.

a. ('s started)

3. Catalog the environmental improvements achieved by the Bush Administration.

a. Deposed the biggest environmental terrorist of the 20th Century, Saddam Hussein

4. Search for a single instance where the competing interests of big business and everyday people clashed, and Bush favored everyday people at the expense of business.

a. Didn't carpet-bomb Iraq, sparing the everyday Iraqi people and delaying Halliburton's timetable for seizing the OOOOIIIILLLLL!!!

5. Explain why what we're doing in Iraq isn't "nation building," since Dubya said during the debates that he didn't favor being involved in that.

a. GWB also said he doesn't like being a war president, but he did it. Such integrity, willing to go against his personal desires, unlike like SOMEBODY we know.

Now's my chance to harness the distributed intelligence of the blogosphere...well, I could if I had any readers...


  • At 7:54 PM, Blogger Da Goddess said…

    I may not be the most popular blogger around, but now that I've found you...I think you'll have a tough time getting rid of me.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!


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