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Monday, July 06, 2009

AZ CDL Independence Day Match

We got up bright and early on the 4th of July and loaded up the truck with guns, ammo, accessories, and several metric tons of ice and bottled water. Cavalry Arms and the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club range at South Mountain hosted the 2009 Arizona Civilian Defense League Independence Day Match. Jon ensured all of his bad juju would be used up on the way to pick up Carl by hitting every red light. It worked! Jon placed 3rd in the Match (55 shooters) and in Tactical Scope!

Jon shot a Patriot Ordnance P-416 scoped with a Leupold CQT optic.

I placed 27th (!!) overall and 22nd in Tactical Scope, behind three Tactical Iron shooters, but ahead of three Open Division gunners and a couple of pros from POF-USA.

I shot the POF-Master (Patriot P-416 gas-piston upper on a Bushy lower), mounted with a Simmons shotgun scope.

Carl shot his first major match and actually beat some folks! He won major style points by shooting both bonus windows on the MGM precision target on Stage Two.

He shot Jon's iron-sighted Springfield M1A and sounds ready to try this again next year!



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