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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pilgrimage Two?

[Dear Diary, if I didn't know better, I'd think Jon's trying to remind me how great it is to have a job again.]

After the match, we swung through the swank sub-metropolis of Scottsdale, where they have stores that sell nothing but golf shoes -- and I saw my first Lamborghini dealership. Didn't stop in, though. We wanted to check out the Scottsdale Gun Club (As Seen on TV!) Nice place! A bit higher than gun show prices, but the selection is almost unsurpassed! All I was looking for is a stripped AR lower, which they didn't have, so I'm withholding my superlatives. Yeah, they must have thought, "Oh, Chad... he wants a stripped lower -- how ghetto."

Afterwards, we walked down the sidewalk to US Autoweapons, a veritable up-scale candy-store with Colt 9-mm SBRs instead of truffles and so much Class III goodness, I doubt my touching myself went entirely unnoticed. Of course, they were too classy to say anything. They smiled at my quaint inquiry about stripped lower receivers... of course, they only deal in Colt receivers, but they were out of stock. I did score a carbine buffer tube that fits my VLTOR collapsing buttstock (goody from the 2007 Superstition prize table), so YAY Colt stuff! Now, I've got a coupla ARs to build! Now, about that job....

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  • At 12:11 PM, Blogger DirtCrashr said…

    I just did the DROS on my Noveske lower... When's the Magpul UBR stock gonna finally be released? ;-)


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