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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gun Stuff

Woke up this morning thinking, "It's Thursday already and I gotta clean some guns!" I'm a terrible procrastinator and my hurt wrist didn't help any. The Daewoo was still in pieces from, what? two months ago? I cleaned that right away (on my master bathroom counter, the best lighting in the house). I'm gonna try Saturday/Sunday double headers for the next two weekends; long guns at Rio S. -- rifle at Pima this weekend, and ACTS at Pima -- USPSA at Ben Avery next weekend. That should beef up my slack gun-blog content of late.

Tactical Rifle at Pima is a new thing and could conceivably supplant ACTS for my local shooting dollars. If I was rich, I'd do both, but I'm a tad disaffected with organizational leadership (read: Michigan, not local). Leaving it at that, my membership expires this summer....

Since my glorious gunsmith can't get to BoG2 by this weekend, I gave a thought to using that Saturday (my C-Mag is already full of brass-cased 55-grainers) and switch to the Bushy Sunday... but Rio Salado is where the Superstition is staged, so I better shoot the Bushy throughout, especially on Rio's long range stages.

I don't have to shoot pistol at all this weekend. Next weekend, I'll empty the G23 mags I didn't shoot at last month's ACTS, then wring out the G19 (my SMM3G choice) at the Cactus Match Sunday. Got rifle and shotgun side matches that day too, so I'll be a gun-cleaning fool by the end of March.

Pray for good weather!



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