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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Fun Part of Sunday

Around 4 am Sunday, I decided that I'd leave the Glock for 2nd Saturdays and shoot my Uzi instead. I'd already shot it in "Tactical" class once this year with much fun, so why not? At the last moment, I tossed the Benelli M-2 into the trunk since November's Multi-Gun Fun Match has been preempted for an All Shotgun match. It's a good thing I did; it added another bright spot to a day that would end rather darkly.

The Cactus USPSA Match was packed with competitors! Even so, I didn't bother imposing on anybody to video me for first three stages (turned out that the batteries would have pooped out somewhere mid-stage anyway). On my last stage, I bumped into my buddy Rob who was trying out his own new Benelli M-2 (video). Rob definitely needs a TacStar mag extension for it. I hope he gets his Bushmaster carbine fixed soon.

The Uzi patterned well, several times stitching two rounds in the chest "A" zone and placing a third in the head "A" or "B" zone. On my last stage, I started in Semi-auto, not needing to waste bursts of ammo on the steel targets. I knew I could finish the first mag full-auto on the middle array, then hose the last with the second mag. Listen to the video to hear the comments from the Peanut Gallery turn from admiration of the gun's accuracy to comedic at the end.

The M-2 ran great and I'm speeding up my left-handed reloading with practice. I also managed to game a double at the end, saving me from loading one last shell. (VIDEO)

Update: Scored 2nd out of five riotgunners, close behind #1 and lots ahead of #3! I was lots stinky in Tactical... two no-shoots and a miss will do that for ya.



  • At 7:37 PM, Blogger catfish said…

    Damn no-shoots. Don't they know better than to get out of the way when the shooting starts??


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