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Sunday, October 14, 2007

October ACTS Too

Oh, my achin''s a good thing I'm just sittin' around watchin' football and massaging my feet today.

Finally U-Tubed the video so you can behold my semi-suckiness. My big boo-boo was on the stage pictured. Scott RO'ing me was counting shots, so when he said "IF you are finished...," I should have gone back and re-engaged IF I could recall what target I skipped. My brain didn't recall anything, so I just cleared my weapons.

The first stage we shot was in the long-range bay, but it was shortened a bit. My shoot that made it to video didn't count since nobody wrote down my time... reshooting suited me just fine since I got to adjust my point of aim for the mandatory pistol headshots and rediscover my Woo sights. Remember, I hadn't shot either of these weapons in a month of Sundays! I still had one missed headshot, but my scores greatly improved over my first run. Also, I succumbed to the conventional wisdom of going prone. Sure, from the kneeling position, I had no cover... but from the prone position, you're hiding behind your head. What kind of cover is that?

It was a great day to shoot. I eschewed the sunscreen and got a nice October tan thanks to those swarthy Eastern European genes (yeah, I'll check closely for skin cancer, but I figured I need the Vitamin D for a change).

On the down side, I'm gonna have to browbeat Scott again. Every. single. cardboard. target. was. on. a. separate. f*cking. steel. target. stand. And there were SCADS of targets...and only 10 shooters. So... guess who takes down the match? The ACTS fairy? No... that fraction of those 10, plus Kelly the HK Freak (God bless 'im), who can be arsed to help. You'll note on my Cactus Match stages that I love to use the "helicopters," a target stand that has three cardboard targets spread out upon the stick above. Lotsa shooting and not-so-much humping steel for the take-down crew.

I found out Saturday that now that Scott has affiliated our ACTS group with the Pima Pistol Club, I no longer get an ACTS discount to shoot a match since I'm not a PPC member (I used this discount only once). This is f*cked up. If Scott expects me to submit stages AND hump steel, wood, and cardboard after the match, he better think again. Next year, I won't be renewing my ACTS membership and I'll THINK about getting a PPC membership. Or maybe I'll just shoot elsewhere.

Video here.



  • At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Alex said…

    I feel your pain. My quite excellent club has a Mule with a two-stroke engine to help with the steel humping. Our matches typically get 40 shooters every weekend, so that helps.


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