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Saturday, October 13, 2007

October ACTS

Oh, my aching feet! Only two blisters but ay, carumba!, I'm medicating with rum and lemonade and Kurt Schilling...heck, if he could pitch through with that bloody sock, I shouldn't whine so much.

Only 10 shooters showed up (glares at Desert Cat's link) and the foursome I joined made an interesting discovery: Nobody in our group was shooting an AR... in fact, there were no American long guns on our squad at all! MD Scott and I made up the Woo Crew, although I was pure Woo (K1 and DP51, top left) while he backed up his K2 with a Brazilian Springfield .45. The Glock and XD were the only American-made handguns; it was so cool to see a Walther P-38 out there! (But not enough to make me want to bring mine out for a match...)

(Update: The XD was made in Bosnia! Glad to make that slobodno!)

Scott's EOTech went poopy right before the first stage we shot, so he joined the rest of us in the Service Rifle category. The only Enhanced gunner (AR guy too) was on the other squad and apparently DQ'd with an negligent discharge. The match winner (my nemesis Aaron) pretty much crushed the field while I placed 4th 3rd just ahead of Deadeye Salim (who reportedly had a super-sucky Stage 6).

The match was great fun, despite the super-long day (needed a lot more help setting up and tearing down than was present). I foresee myself trotting out some more safe queens this year (hadn't shot the Woo competitively since the late 90s nor dirtied the Lil Woo since my first camping trip to Arizona in the early 90s). I'm thinking 9-mm AR next month and Chinese AK in December. Haven't decided whether I'm going to YouTube my video or not (it's just fat ole me waddling around)... does anybody care one way or another?

Update: Wah! Desert Cat is claiming cardiac pains kept him from showing up. Grrr. Fine...I'll pray for you this time. That excuse won't be acceptable next time!



  • At 8:03 PM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    Yes well...that cluster of symptoms is a little hard to ignore. Anyway my root canal today should clear up the problem.

  • At 8:05 PM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    And yes, despite my new toy I wanted to play with this weekend, I didn't really want to miss this, now that the weather has turned civilized.

  • At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Alex said…

    Euh, unless things have changed since I last checked, although Glock USA is located in Smyrna, GA their products are still in Austria.


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