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Monday, June 11, 2007

Rizzo's Work is Never Dull

Fortunately for me, the 18 shooters at Saturday's ACTS Match could break down into four nice, small squads, and since three other dedicated Range Safety Officers had already stepped up, I could join Fearless Leader Scott's squad to shepherd two new shooters. It allowed me to spell him on the clock when he was shooting, or when he needed to run off and do Match Director stuff.

The ACTS RSO not only ensures the safe running of a stage, but also badgers the shooter into observing the tactical dictates of the shooting problem. Shouting "Cover!" is the equivalent of whizzing a bullet by the shooter's ear to remind him that we're not simulating a one-way shooting gallery. Ignore the RSO in that regard and you start taking penalties.

For all of Scott's experience in the format (or mine, for that matter), academic knowledge of the Game can go to the wayside under the pressure of the clock and unexpected hindrances. On Stage 4, I dinged Scott for the same wrong-port procedural that I suffered...then he really kept me busy. When he unexpectedly grounded his jammed 1911 (it may have been unwise to try to reholster it), I had to divert my attention to ensure Pete didn't walk in front of the grounded gun with the camera. When Scott's Krylon'ed Korean Killstick went TANGO UNIFORM..."COVER!" (Too bad Scott's camera doesn't have sound.) Advancing to the forward barricade, Scott couldn't seem to manage a "far left lean" to remain in "COVER!!" while shooting from the right shoulder and struggled with his "Franken-Sling" to switch shoulders. He should work on that lean or try a different sling.

This video is presented for educational purposes and any fun at Scott's expense is merely a pleasant by-product. :)



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