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Monday, June 11, 2007

Not BoG2

Before he knew what I was gonna slap on top of BoG2, my home-assembled lower, my shootin' buddy Jon ordered a POF-USA gas-piston upper himself -- but he took the easy way out by mating it with a complete POF lower. His upper arrived this week; it's got the Slimline rail (top and bottom only) and he replaced the birdcage flash hider with a Jerry Miculek muzzle brake. He mounted a night-optics-ready EOTech HoloSight with quick-release mount and back-up iron rear sight; the flip-down front sight is on back-order.

Rustle approves!

Jon's a bit disappointed that his new rifle doesn't like Wolf ammo, but he's got a good supply of the brass stuff too. He can use up the Wolf through his Bushie at the next ACTS match I drag him to, since the muzzle brake is a no-no under ACTS rules. BOG2 will undergo its final modification at the end of the month when I drop it and my own muzzle brake off at the gunsmith's for installation. I've also got to order some compatible back-up iron GG&G flip-downs will have to wait for BoG3 (*^*&in' non-standard gas block height!).

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