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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


To realize my BAG Day dreams, I'm gonna have to clear out some room in the safe and put some green in my wallet. Besides some of my miscellaneous pistols, I'll put up a shotgun for Sell A Gun Day, thereby enabling someone else's BAG Day. The Beretta 1201FP (far left) is a great home defense shotgun, but it really sucks as a competition piece. The bottom loading gate locks, and when unlocked, the magazine tube also unlocks, emptying the mag through the bottom. Using it in a match, you can shoot it dry or leave one in the chamber, but you can't add shells between shots. You can't extend the magazine capacity either, but six 3-inch magnum 12-gauge rounds can be quite a riot-stopper.

If none of my guns sell, I'll still have Fix A Gun Day. The Remington 1100 (near left) was my practical match gun until something in the clockwork broke and I fell back to my 870.

Both guns are fitted to accept speed-loaders; I also have a long-ass barrel and 10+1 mag tube for the Remmie.


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